This portable food + water container with attached feeding bowls makes travels with your pet an ease!

If you’ve ever traveled anywhere with your pets, you know how difficult it can be to cater to their needs while you’re on the go! Making sure they are comfy and don’t get anxious, feeding them their fav meal and water, and ensuring they have their little bathroom breaks – the list of issues is endless. However, Miray Özlem ER’s Portable Food and Water Container can help us out with any feeding issues we may encounter! Miray designed this handy pet product, especially for dogs! The container is large enough to store and provide at least one or two meals for dogs weighing between 1 to 40 kgs. Not only does the portable container store food, but it also stores water!

The product features a double-sided design. The long cylinder in the center consists of two sections – one for storing food, and one for storing water. The water tank can store almost 0.5 liters of water. A metal lid prevents the food and water from falling or leaking out, and also allows you to easily pour them out. When you want to fill the container with food, you simply remove the lid, add in the food, and seal it shut. When you want to fill it with water, you turn the container around and pour the water into the other section. The interesting part is that the container comes along with a food and water bowl! And the bowls can be attached onto the container. The food bowl can be neatly fitted on top of the food section, whereas the water bowl can be fitted on top of the water section. So whenever you want to feed your pet, you can place the little bowls, and fill them up with food and water from the container!

The design is also really helpful for feeding stray dogs on the street! You can carry the container with you, and provide them with food and water in the attached bowls. This portable container is super functional, extremely easy to carry, and promises to make our travel plans a whole lot easier! These are the kind of smart pet products that can make a huge difference.

Designer: Miray Özlem ER