Outdoor Cooking Appliances for your yard to help you prepare MasterChef-worthy meals!

In the midst of the chaos that has been 2021, I didn’t even realize when summer rolled in?! Although the rise in temperature and my sudden craving for ice lollies are a testament to the fact that summer is finally here. Summer is the season of outdoor barbecue parties, and tanning sessions, or even camping trips and hiking for the more adventurous souls. Although we do not recommend any of these activities in lieu of COVID-19, we have curated a collection of interesting outdoor cooking appliances, in memory of past outdoor meals, as well as in the hope of future ones. Whether you have future plans for a barbecue party, or simply a well-cooked meal at a camping trip, these innovative outdoor cooking designs will help you display your MasterChef skills!

Dubbed the Dome, this compact oven by Gozney is very versatile. It is a professional-grade outdoor oven designed to work effortlessly for experienced chefs and novice ones alike. Whether you have guests over on a Sunday afternoon or have a family dinner, Gozney Dome can be there to take care of the cooking needs as long you have wood to burn. Even though wood-fired cooking is ideal in an outdoor setting if that’s not what the kids want – turn the dial and switch to the built-in gas burner and continue cooking at temperatures up to 500°C. You can roast, steam, smoke, bake, or BBQ inside the 25- x 24- x 28-inch Dome that includes a digital thermometer – a big upgrade over gimmicky ovens designed for the outdoors!

Charcoal grills on the market entice buyers with their smart features but if you are someone who likes things old school yet loves the functionalities of modern grilling and smoking prowess, this portable barbeque grill and smoker is the one. The Nomad Grill and smoker doesn’t come with any smart buttons or functionality but the intuitive industrial design makes it better than any smart options out there. It’s ultra-portable, has a cool modern design, and packs down to the size of a small briefcase. To make sure the heat stays inside and not radiate to the outside of the unibody case measuring 2×2 feet, it is crafted from anodized aluminum. The inside cooking area gives you 212 square inches of space for smoking or you can opt to double the space with open-grill mode. That’ll give you enough cooking area to barbeque steaks, ribs, or burgers – or even two racks of ribs or 30 burger patties.

The BURCH BARREL gives you unprecedented control over your barbecue process. You can operate the barbecue lid without having to touch it, or rest the grill on any uneven surface without worrying about it falling over, you can even lift the grill plate off the coal pan to add more fuel. Moreover, when you’re not grilling food, the BURCH BARREL doubles up as a portable fireplace for those perfect sunset social gatherings. The barrel’s design is immediately striking, with a large tripod system that has the barrel suspended from the very center. This unique format keeps the barrel balanced and vertical at all times, allowing you to mount it on rocky terrain or even on slanted surfaces without any fear of the barrel tipping over. Inspired by a camera’s tripod, the BURCH BARREL comes with telescopic legs that let you orient the unit to be stable, no matter how unstable your ground is, giving it a competitive advantage over regular barbecue grills that traditionally require a flat surface like pavement, to begin with.

Roxon’s MBT3 Multi BBQ Tool promises to meet all your outdoor barbecuing needs! Crafted from food-grade 430 stainless steel, the 6-in-1 multi-tool combines a variety of functionalities, so you don’t have to carry a case full of tools with you. The compact tool functions as a fork, knife, spatula, tongs, bottle opener, and a wine corkscrew! The design basically comprises three base elements, the fork, spatula, and knife, which are combined together via a 1.2mm liner lock. The various parts can be attached, detached, and arranged according to the tool you need at the moment. For example, the fork and the spatula can be joined to create a pair of tongs! Whereas the knife comes with a foldable handle, once the handle is folded in, it functions as a bottle opener and a wine corkscrew as well! Nothing like the ease of cracking open a chilled beer while tending to the hot grill.

Developed in the design language of DHL, PDF Haus aimed to give Shelf a simple box silhouette with a freewheeling attitude, taking inspiration from the color scheme, materials and finishes often chosen by DHL for their vehicles and brand aesthetic. The grill even comes with DHL decals and tags that can be adhered to the metallic grill’s front case that turns into its table extension. While most gas stoves come with a separate carrying case, Shelf’s entire grill has been turned into one that can be consolidated and carried away. Shaped and carried like a slim briefcase, two metal clasps open and slide out to reveal the Shelf’s grill and supplementary table space. Just beneath the grill, Shelf includes two retractable shelves that create more space for whoever’s cooking to place their spices, utensils, or tools. Blooming from Shelf’s underside like an awning, the shelves, and the sliding tables nearly double Shelf’s overall area.

Pyro Camp Fire is a portable fire pit constructed chiefly of American steel. It is provided with a grill/griddle extension for enthusiasts who want to create an inviting ambiance by burning wood or charcoal in a safe and clean manner. And when the stomach calls, the top extension can be swapped and you are good to prepare a meal or heat up the precook food on you. Designed by a team of camping and overloading enthusiasts themselves, this portable fire pit has an 18-inch long and 14-inch wide combustion chamber, while the contraption measure 9-inch tall. The entire pit weighs only 14.5 pounds making it appropriate to carry on every camping trail you’re headed for. The standout here is its side-loading system that lets you easily add wood without having to remove the top fire screen or grill.

Made from 90% natural materials, the UCO Bamboo Elements Mess Kit is a non-plastic outdoor meal kit that can take you all the way from cutting and prepping your food, to eating your meal. The 5-piece kit contains practically everything you’d need to prepare and enjoy a meal outdoors, apart from your ingredients! The Mess Kit’s innovative design leaves nothing to chance. The main vessel holds your food, while two handles on the vessel let you grip it as you’re eating, useful if you don’t have a table around you. It even has its own gasket-lined lid to tightly pack the food inside, preventing leaks while you’re traveling. The cutlery set comes with a spoon and knife combination, and a separate fork, giving you the freedom to eat any sort of food, either with the spoon and fork or the knife and fork. The cutlery pieces slide into each other to keep them together, but can slide in backward to turn into a long-handled stirring tool that you can use while cooking food!



Designed to be the most robust as well as the most accommodating portable grill in the world, the WG Grill doesn’t just fit in the back of your car, it can literally fit in your backpack… and when opened out, can rest atop any type of fire (with its 3 height settings), while even withstanding a good deal of weight, so you can have anything from steaks to cast-iron skillets on it without breaking a sweat. Made from reinforced stainless steel, the designers behind the grill spent close to 18 months making the grill look as sleek and as strong as it is. The base is a folding frame that can open or close completely, to be held in place by the grilling surface, which has 3 height settings built into it. The grill can therefore be used over fires big and small and has a load-bearing capacity of up to 16kgs (that’s roughly 300 hot dogs!)

After a successful run with some compact cooking stoves, Jetboil has sent ripples down the market with the introduction of Stash, the company’s lightest backpacking stove ever made. Weighing only 7.1oz (approx. 200g), the Jetboil Stash is 40-percent lighter than the previous lightest stove in the company’s repertoire, despite the same use possibilities, better build quality, and cooking performance. With its almost insignificant weight and very compact size – when packed, it measures only 4.4-inch tall and 5.1-inch in diameter – the Stash stove is made specifically to allow backpackers, hikers/trekkers, or any other outdoor enthusiast to boil water or render instant-cook meals to an eatable temperature instantly. Unpack the stove out of the lidded pot, set up the base, screw up the canister and titanium burner, flex out the support arms, place the 800ml capacity FluxRing cook pot on the stand, and wait for 2.5 minutes before your coffee is ready!

 For the good barbeque and occasional wine sessions, a decent outdoor layout is a must-have. One such contraption which is worth every penny you shell for it – owing to its design that maximizes function – is the Convivium Mobile Bar from Italy-based Il Giardino di Corten. The modular outdoor kitchen – that includes a bar – is made from weather-resistant corten steel, similar to the brand’s other products for home and garden. Laid out beautifully for cooking and serving cocktails al fresco, this outdoor kitchen setup is equipped with an electric, gas, or charcoal grill and wooden cutting board to cater to the cooking needs. A kitchen is not complete without its washing area –Convivium Mobile Bar is fitted with a stainless steel sink that features pull-out taps, so the outright appeal and distinctive appearances of the design are maintained.