Jetboil Stash is 40% lighter than its predecessor + most compact portable cooking stove yet!

Outdoor enthusiasts often find themselves in a packing fix. This is mainly as the excitement of packing your bag for a long weekend in the wilderness is cut short because the cooking stove won’t fit. You’re left with compromising the stove in favor of ready-to-eat items, which you’d have to savor all cold. Thankfully, ingenious companies such as US-based Jetboil are on a mission to skim down the size of portable stoves so the life of adventurous souls can be made slightly more convenient.

After a successful run with some compact cooking stoves, Jetboil has sent ripples down the market with the introduction of Stash, the company’s lightest backpacking stove ever made. Weighing only 7.1oz (approx. 200g), the Jetboil Stash is 40-percent lighter than the previous lightest stove in the company’s repertoire, despite the same use possibilities, better build quality, and cooking performance. With its almost insignificant weight and very compact size – when packed, it measures only 4.4-inch tall and 5.1-inch in diameter – the Stash stove is made specifically to allow backpackers, hikers/trekkers, or any other outdoor enthusiast to boil water or render instant-cook meals to an eatable temperature instantly. Unpack the stove out of the lidded pot, set up the base, screw up the canister and titanium burner, flex out the support arms, place the 800ml capacity FluxRing cook pot on the stand, and wait for 2.5 minutes before your coffee is ready!

What really makes the Jetboil Stash worth every penny of the $130 it demands is not only its featherweight but also its compact form factor. When you’re done cooking – and set to head home – just fold the arms back in, place the burner and stove stabilizing base into the FluxRing cook pot, pinch the bottom of its silicone grip handle that folds over to secure the package, and you’re now good to go. At just 7.1oz and incredibly squashed upsize, the Jetboil Stash is the go-to solution if cooking stove options have been a worry for you in the past. Shed every ounce of weight from the backpack yet travel with the satisfaction of never having to eat cold food again!

Designer: Jetboil