This portable BBQ grill + smoker with a honeycomb pattern folds like a briefcase for cooking anytime, anywhere!

Charcoal grills on the market entice buyers with their smart features but if you are someone who likes things old school yet loves the functionalities of modern grilling and smoking prowess, this portable barbeque grill and smoker is the one. The Nomad Grill and smoker doesn’t come with any smart buttons or functionality but the intuitive industrial design makes it better than any smart options out there. It’s ultra-portable, has a cool modern design, and packs down to the size of a small briefcase. To make sure the heat stays inside and not radiate to the outside of the unibody case measuring 2×2 feet, it is crafted from anodized aluminum.

The inside cooking area gives you 212 square inches of space for smoking or you can opt to double the space with open-grill mode. That’ll give you enough cooking area to barbeque steaks, ribs, or burgers – or even two racks of ribs or 30 burger patties. Nomad’s portable grill is perfect for people who prefer the slow grilling process as the aroma of charcoal and smoke circulates inside when in the closed position for the consistent temperature at all times. Once you are done with the cooking and eating spree, just fold up the portable BBQ and you’re good to go. One advantage of this portable charcoal BBQ grill smoker is its intelligent heat distribution on the inside and minimum heat dissipation on the outside courtesy of the honeycomb design. This ensures that the surface on which it is kept doesn’t get too hot.

In the closed carrying configuration, the Nomad Grill & Smoker has magnetic clutches that secure the grill in place, ideal for hassle-free moving around. Overall, the compact size and the upbeat design of this modern yet no extra fuzz grill gives you every reason to ditch the oversized BBQ grills – even more so for people who prefer a nomadic life, traveling new places in their camper. Even for people who like to have the odd BBQ party in their backyard or go for hikes on the outskirts of the city, it is the ideal match. The price tag of $599 is a bit on the higher side, but if this grill and smoker suffice all your requirements it’s well worth the spend!

Designer: Nomad