This Grill Weighs Lesser than your Lunch

Literally occupying the same amount of space when closed as a handful of wooden twigs (I’m sure there’s some visual relevance there!), the WG Grill is incredibly minimal, but can work in the most demanding conditions. Touted as the grill that’s as portable as your lunch, the WG Grill comes in just two pieces. A stand, and a grilling surface.

Designed to be the most robust as well as the most accommodating portable grill in the world, the WG Grill doesn’t just fit in the back of your car, it can literally fit in your backpack… and when opened out, can rest atop any type of fire (with its 3 height settings), while even withstanding a good deal of weight, so you can have anything from steaks to cast-iron skillets on it without breaking a sweat.

Made from reinforced stainless steel, the designers behind the grill spent close to 18 months making the grill look as sleek and as strong as it is. The base is a folding frame that can open or close completely, to be held in place by the grilling surface, which has 3 height settings built into it. The grill can therefore be used over fires big and small, and has a load-bearing capacity of up to 16kgs (that’s roughly 300 hot-dogs!)

The WG Grill makes absolutely no compromises (how else would it be as light and portable for its size?). While most designers would take the easier route to product development, Wolf and Grizzly (the makers) pushed to have their prototype match their concept, spec for spec. The result is a grill that, when folded, is as portable as a flashlight… and when opened can match the sophistication of a terrace barbecue or a backyard cookout, as well as fare wonderfully in the rustic woods, and give you good food and great memories every time!

Designers: Joseph Hofer & George Rizkalla

BUY NOW: $59.00 $99.00














BUY NOW: $59.00 $99.00