This five-piece mess kit is practically everything you need to dine outdoors

Made from 90% natural materials, the UCO Bamboo Elements Mess Kit is a non-plastic outdoor meal kit that can take you all the way from cutting and prepping your food, to eating your meal. The 5-piece kit contains practically everything you’d need to prepare and enjoy a meal outdoors, apart from your ingredients!

The Mess Kit’s innovative design leaves nothing to chance. The main vessel holds your food, while two handles on the vessel let you grip it as you’re eating, useful if you don’t have a table around you. It even has its own gasket-lined lid to tightly pack the food inside, preventing leaks while you’re traveling. The cutlery set comes with a spoon and knife combination, and a separate fork, giving you the freedom to eat any sort of food, either with the spoon and fork, or the knife and fork. The cutlery pieces slide into each other to keep them together, but can slide in backwards to turn into a long-handled stirring tool that you can use while cooking food!

The entire set comes together thanks to a silicone cord that loops through a special eyelet in the cutlery, holding the entire set together, making it easy to travel either by stashing on your backpack, or looping around a carabiner clip on the outside of your bag too!

Designer: Treasure Hinds