A 6-in-1 multi-tool to rule your outdoor barbecue gatherings!

When you set out for a barbecue session, your grill is probably the hero of the show. But what good is a grill without a collection of handy and reliable barbecue tools! Juggling a bunch of tools, alongside your hefty grill can be a complete pain, but worry not, Roxon’s here to the rescue! Roxon’s MBT3 Multi BBQ Tool promises to meet all your outdoor barbecuing needs!

Crafted from food-grade 430 stainless steel, the 6-in-1 multi-tool combines a variety of functionalities, so you don’t have to carry a case full of tools with you. The compact tool functions as a fork, knife, spatula, tongs, bottle opener, and a wine corkscrew! The design basically comprises of three base elements, the fork, spatula, and knife, which are combined together via a 1.2mm liner lock. The various parts can be attached, detached and arranged according to the tool you need at the moment. For example, the fork and the spatula can be joined to create a pair of tongs! Whereas the knife comes with a foldable handle, once the handle is folded in, it functions as a bottle opener and a wine corkscrew as well! Nothing like the ease of cracking open a chilled beer while tending to the hot grill.

Lightweight, compact and durable Roxon’s MBT3 Multi BBQ Tool is the perfect helping hand for all your barbecue sessions, and truly the sidekick your trusty grill needs! Oh, and it comes along with a cute little nylon pouch to carry around in!

Designer: Roxon

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