This shape-shifting ergonomic chair was designed to provide the best ‘work-from-home’ seating experience

The lockdown didn’t kill the office, it killed the 9-to-5. Working from home often means weaving work into your home-life. You start work late, but you finish work late too. You take breaks, but then you also work weekends. And with no manager breathing down your neck, you spend more time unwinding, browsing online, viewing TikTok videos or buying stuff you don’t need. In short, you spend more time in that makeshift WFH office chair than you ideally should. In an ideal world, you shouldn’t… but our world’s far from ideal, so designer Roberto Lovaldi decided that the least we could do was make our working conditions ideal.

With its apt name, the Komfort Chair aims at making that WFH situation at least more comfortable. Like any good office chair, it comes with height-adjustment as well as armrest and backrest adjustment… but it’s arguably the only chair that gives you the ability to even adjust seat-tilt as well as seat-depth, allowing you to sit in any configuration that’s best for your posture in relation to your furniture and workstation. The Komfort Chair even has knee-rests that swivel out, allowing you to turn it into a standing chair for better blood circulation and overall posture improvement.

The Komfort is a shape-shifting ergonomic chair that supports a whole variety of configurations and styles. Designed to make you sit better for longer, its adjustable details allow you to maintain a comfortable posture no matter what your work setup is. For people with higher tables, the height-adjustment feature works like a charm, and for people who want to sit comfortably but be closer to the screen, the seat-tilt function lets you lean forward right in your seat. Moreover, if you want to comfortably stand while working, the swivel-out knee-supports allow you to half-stand while sitting, keeping your spine vertical and giving you the benefit of a corrected posture while you work. Along with its shape-shifting nature, the Komfort is also complemented by details that actually make sitting for long more comfortable. This included the split seat detail that provides a groove to let your tailbone naturally relax, a choice between two types of backrests (a shorter one for conventionality and a longer one for extra support), and faux-leather upholstering to keep things vegan while looking premium!

Designer: Roberto Lovaldi

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Komfort Chair – Postural Seating Device

Thanks to its innovative structure and the shape of its seat back, the Komfort Chair can reduce excessive back and lumbar tension. It helps your chest to expand, increasing your back support and creating a feeling of relaxation in the abdominal area. Your body will naturally keep a correct posture that doesn’t strain the muscles and the cervical area.

The only chair in the world that allows free adjustment of seat tilt and depth, knee rest, back rest and arm rests.

Adjustable Chair

The patented Komfort Chair has the best seat adjustment capacity in the world. The central groove reduces pressure in the delicate area of the coccyx and the seat back freely tilts from zero to 17 degrees, and every angle in between! The chair keeps a traditional, correct posture in its standard mode, can be changed to an ergonomic mode, and can be freely set in any position between.

Adjustable Seat Back

The seat back has been designed to maintain a proper posture in the event of hernia both before and after surgery. The seat back is adjustable in height, depth and tilt between 0 and 15cm and does not require an extra pillow. The seat back is concave and wrap-around, making it very useful in the event of scoliosis.

Adjustable Knee Rest & Arm Rests

The knee rest can turn all the way around the seat. It can be used to rest both knees or one foot at a time, and can be set in two adjustable positions. With the block removed, it can move freely to follow the position of your legs. The arm rests are adjustable in height, depth, and tilt.


Click Here to Buy Now: $799.