This INFINITI-inspired car’s fluid design promises a high octane racing experience!

INFINITI Motor Company, a luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Nissan isn’t in the most optimum state right now, but the brand has made vital inroads in the automotive market in the past decades since its first car rolled off the manufacturing lines in 1989. That isn’t stopping creative automotive designers like Daniel Platek from using the brand image to culminate their design iterations for dream-like futuristic supercars. The designer has envisioned this INFINITI QF Inspiration Concept that’s dominated by sleek flowing lines and the sublime charm of a racetrack-worthy four-wheeler.

Daniel has put together the design of this supercar of the future, keeping in mind the brand’s bold design language and the technological advancement of automotive design. Although Daniel doesn’t narrow down on much of the details, the concept car has to be propelled forward using the electric drivetrain sitting under the hood or on the rear boot. The aerodynamic character of the QF Inspiration is evident from its very low-ride height design of just a few inches, making it suited only for racetracks or highways where the tarmac is as clean as a whistle. The balance of the concept from the front to the rear end is enchanting – you’ll actually want to see one go past you in reality.

On the inside, the single-seated driving position further strengthens the racing character, highlighted by the F1-like seating position and the steering wheel taking up the INFINITI logo’s shape. The compact console shows all the vital telemetry, and the white interiors keep things clean visually. Overall, the concept manages to capture the brand’s vivid past and tries to reimagine a supercar that’ll again set it on a path of resurrection!

Designer: Daniel Platek