This two-tiered desk uses loops to provide plenty of storage for your 2021 WFH setup

Our living spaces have seen a lot of changes this past year, but none more than our work-from-home offices. Whether you’re still working from bed or if you’ve redesigned a corner of your bedroom to fit your desk, working from home has changed the spaces where we work. With that, we’re also scrubbing our walls and ditching any hint of maximalism for the fresh look of minimalism. To construct a desk that accommodates this mode of working from home while sticking to this renewed wave of minimalism, João Teixeira designed Loop Desk, a simple computer desk that’s built for the organizing nut in each of us.

The two-tiered desktop has plenty of working space and a slim build that easily adapts to any room, making it a solid choice for future WFH renovations. In addition to its slim build, Loop Desk reflects a minimalist aesthetic that feels more sophisticated than stylish or trendy. With rounded edges and a monitor stand that hovers above the main working space, Loop Desk was named for the various loops that comprise its full-frame. Computer monitors can be placed on Loop Desk’s tallest working tier, while a keyboard and any other working material can be organized on the desktop’s main working area.

The front drawer of the Loop Desk supplies some storage for lighter accessories like staplers and notebooks, while the backside reveals roomy storage pockets that can be used for rolled-up poster blueprints and hiding knots of cable and wires. Loop Desk can accommodate plenty of practical needs, while always maintaining a refined, suave look to tie up the loose ends of any home workspace. Loop Desk’s natural wood finish and clever storage options will feel right at home in any WFH office– whether it’s still in the bedroom or not.

Designer: João Teixeira

With a slim desktop and stacked loop shelves, Loop Deks maintains a small build without compromising working space.

Loop Desk’s main drawer allows space for appliances like wireless keyboards to be stored when not in use.

With such a thin frame, Loop Desk can fit into any working environment.

The slim build of the Loop Desk doesn’t take away from the ample working space made available by the main desktop as well as the top-tier desk.

Smooth, rounded edges give the Loop Desk a neutral, sophisticated finished look to fit into any bedroom or home office.