Ornate candles that turn your mantelpiece into a miniature landscape!

Named the ‘Tusk Candle’ collection, these decorative candles are inspired by natural motifs: Ivory, tusks, canines, teeth, and other fangs, although when put together, it’s difficult to discount that they look like an undulating landscape of mountains! The Tusk series of candles come made in 100% beeswax with a hemp wick. The hand-casted candles boast of an eye-catching ridged surface that not only lends beauty to the candles, but also helps slow down its burning time, allowing each candle to last for longer. Even when unlit, the candles have a way of brightening a room by how appealing they look. Stack them together and they resemble rocks, mountains, or sand-dunes, giving your tabletop or manteltop surface a raw and calming aesthetic! The candles come unscented, but I do wish they had potpourri fragrances!

Designer: UMÉ Studio