This limited edition Cyberpunk coated gaming couch-desk is here to up your gaming ante!

If quarantine has done one thing right, it has provided the perfect excuse for couch-gamers to do what they do best – play games from the couch. With all this free time, playing video games is a sure way to help pass it by, and when some additional comfort provided by products like couch-desks come into play, gaming hours can turn into gaming marathons. With 2020 being the long-awaited year that Cyberpunk 2077 finally hit the shelves, designer Matthew Midir paid homage to CD Projekt’s Night City by bringing its retrofuturistic landscape to a limited edition Couchmaster called CYPUNK.

Couchmaster CYPUNK comes decked out with high-tech thermal print panels that feature scenes and props from Cyberpunk’s gamescape like the slick DeLorean DMC-12 parked amongst the neon street lights of Night City. In addition to the Cyberpunk-themed, memory-foam-cushioned siding, Couchmaster CYPUNK comes equipped with an extra source of power, originally made for Couchmaster’s CYCON2, that connects the couch-desk to your PC so that no matter how long or hard you play, the game will operate smoothly without lagging or connectivity issues.

While gaming from your couch is always comfortable, our spines might absorb too much pressure from leaning forward. With CYPUNK, healthy posture is encouraged by allowing users to sit back comfortably and actually relax into the couch’s cushions instead of reclining forward to meet the screen. Couchmaster’s CYPUNK comes complete with six USB 3.0 ports that allow for fast charging and lag-free connection, some extra deep pockets for storage and holding food or drinks, a support board that props your keyboard up for easy reach, and one power adapter for an optional power supply. Built from high-quality memory foam for its cushions and recycled plastic for its support board, Couchmaster CYPUNK boasts a sustainable design, while offering an ergonomic body that invites you to just keep on gaming.

Designer: Matthew Midir