Umbrella For Graffiti

Designer Liu Hsiang-Ling quite poetically brings out the relationship between an umbrella and the rain. Simple pleasures from the past that we have long forgotten; jumping into puddles or using a stick to draw in the sand! Her take is this Rain Brush Umbrella designed with a paint-brush (silicon) like tip, so that you can dip it into the nearest rain puddle and start drawing water graffiti on the sidewalk. A nice past-time if you’re waiting for a bus or something.

Liu has pointed out in her observation: When people are waiting for the rain to stop, the interaction between people and umbrella is the most frequent activity. People usually use their umbrellas to leave a mark on the ground with raindrops, and those unintentional games are the consequences of a raining day; maybe they are tic-tac-toe or just graffiti on the road. When they use the umbrella tip (ferrule) to dip into a puddle, water and ground become elements for self-expression.

  • The extreme is made of silicon as the look of a sharp pencil that allows rains falls along the edge.
  • The gradient from black to white is clear to see even under using.
  • The handle is designed into a writing brush look, including features like shape, material, engraving, etc.

Designer: Liu Hsiang-Ling



Rain Brush Umbrella For Graffiti by Liu Hsiang-Ling


  • 飞哥 says:


  • 飞哥 says:


    • atlaswu says:

      The Chinese people didn’t like stand under the black. it’s said 烏雲罩頂.

      • guest says:

        It always amazes me how superstitious the Chinese are. Hopefully growing amounts of education there will correct this.

  • karl says:

    Usually when I am in the rain, the ground is wet – so I go inside to draw on the concrete?

    • Yofi says:

      I was thinking this too…I’ve never seen anyone do this, ’cause there are usually not many dry places to draw…and even if there were, it would be a hassle to close your umbrella to draw things. >.>

      • justdeng says:

        I used to do this when I was kid to pass time

        waiting for a ride on the balcony, or just getting in from outside.

        there are plenty of places in China with concrete floors inside

  • ben says:

    it’s not graff, so lets not call it graff

    • guest says:

      Ben, here’s the definition of graffiti:

      Graffiti is words or pictures that are written or drawn in public places, for example on walls or posters.

      So, if you draw words or pictures with it, even if it’s non-permanent, it’s graffiti by definition. And it’s better than most, in that it eventually goes away without ruining someone’s walls or glass.

  • Lord says:

    This is sooooo lovely!!!… I know about a project with the rain too, The project name was “Rain catchers” these were accesories for THE RAIN, and the Rain it self was the main user of the pieces. It was as well, a poetical approach to the rain. The girl is from Colombia and she made an intervention with the tree different tipes of pieces, each one has a different use… the first one was made as a paint brush for the rain so she stuck the brush in a container of paint and threw it in a “canvas” that was a piece of fabric in wich the accesories remained stucked in so when it rained the water spread the paint all over the fabric and painted it beautifully … the second one was made to use it with the trace the rain left in its wake and the accesory is planed to be used as a bubble maker, and the last one was made to drink sweet dew… if you want to watch some pict of them here is her flickr:[email protected]/

  • Menno says:

    Where can I order this?

  • Umb says:

    Very interesting and inovate idea, as Yofi pointed out I’ve never seen anyone do this too, but maybe because I’m from Europe, maybe in China is different.

    Anyway the idea of the umbrella brush type is pretty unique, never thought about that before.


  • ははは、筆傘? 使ってみたいですね。 最近雨多いし (笑)

  • ははは、筆傘? 使ってみたいですね。 最近雨多いし (笑)

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