Electric Dream Machine

Is that the cross section of a Foo Fighter? No way, it’s a tattoo machine. It’s the newest tattoo machine. It’s the best. It’s weight is less than a third of the average machine. It’s carved out of solid aluminum. It’s much less painful to the tattoo collector than the classic machine. It’s got two methods for mayhem: while it’s the first air-powered tattoo machine in the world, it’s got an attachment which allows it to also run on electricity as well. It’s the “Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine” pokin’ through.

The Fear. The common consensus amongst fear-based citizens of planet earth is that getting a tattoo would be totally scary. It hurts to get a tattoo. It rips your flesh apart! With the Neuma Hybrid, you’ve got a bit less to fear. The unique process with which the ink is bonded with the skin allows for significantly less pain to be administered en route.

The weight. An excellent, aged, greasy, strange, ink-covered tattoo artist has gotten used to the weight of a tattoo machine, whichever one they use. The new artist, especially those with a dainty hand, will have 2/3rds easier a time lifting the tool and keeping it steady. The tool is extremely light.

Double down. The most versatile ink-spitting machine thus far. This post is on the second edition. The first was only air, which was wonderful but not as feasible for the traveling tattoo artist, as air compressors aren’t especially airplane-friendly.

Here’s the sleekness. See all the pics and read the press-release paragraph below, and tell us if you’re still petrified of permanence.

Designer: RKS Design