Washing Machine Divides and Conquers

I want this in my home NOW. We all know step 1 in caring for your clothes is to properly wash them but who can be bothered with the whole separate and sort bit? Technically you should sort by color first, then fabric. That all adds up to multiple loads, some of which may not be full which makes you an evil water waster. The Individual Washer concept is an upright washing machine with 3 compartments to sort and launder your clothes together without worry about color bleeding or bleaching. Now I’m looking at my washing machine with contempt.

Designer: Yali Dai

Individual Washer – Washing Machine by Yali Dai







  • brack says:

    i would seriously question whether the designer has ever done a load of laundry before. the success of conventional washers and even front loaders is that there is an actual basin where clothes can stay as you put them in.

    also anything bigger than a towel would never fit in this machine, or do the center trays come out?

    good luck, but start over.

  • redsails says:

    Where can I get my own LCD Touch “Scream”? LOL

  • ad says:

    This machine is also an *evil water waster* seeing as it a vertical axis machine.The user still has to seperate and sort the clothes before you place them in the machine.

    No amount of presentation skills can make up for utter and complete lack of research, or just jumping on the first idea you thought of without looking at the bigger picture.

    • Sam says:

      But don’t forget, people really DO NEED TO somehow separate clothes during washes, such as colored clothing & white clothing, or different material fabrics. So this design will save the hassle of doing the same routine by times. By putting in & out – again & again.

      Either way u still need to separate it right ?
      It’s just the matter of time (before or after), i think you should be the one – looking at the bigger picture.

      Yali Dai’s design isn’t about focusing on separating & sorting clothes before or after you place them in the machine,it’s about TIME & HOURS doing the same routine because you just can’t fit all materials fabric at Once into the washing machine due different temperature & sensitivity that might damage the fabric.

      PLEASE STUDY THE PANELS BEFORE you jump into your own conclusion.

  • Nick says:

    @brack: If you’re that smart, then why don’t you design an alternative that works better instead of giving angry rants?

    The designer decided to tackle a real issue, and his effort is honorable. I like this effort much better than the countless electronic flower vases on here.

    Now whether this is production-ready, fail-proof remains to be seen, but it is a start. Keep up the good work Yali Dai.

  • nsfw says:

    Well, those inter-level seals will need to be VERY robust for this to work in the real world given current manufacturing technology. The first time my brights’ water leaked into my whites, the concept becomes useless.

    Great idea, certainly just at design phase…probably a few design tricks to keep this from happening can refine the idea!

  • Steeve says:

    I suspect that if you put your white on top and your colours below, you do not really need to worry about your colours’ water leaking into your whites.

  • Designer Jang says:

    Unfortunately, it’s the same that my portfolio design last year…

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