Take a Green Break

The Green Air is a mass of greens that you plant atop your monitor and use it as a frequent reminder to stop and smell the flowers! I am going to skip the technical details that are well explained in the ensuing images, and focus on the fact that we do need to contemplate our workspace and environment. In a sterile office setup with mechanical schedules, placebos like a mock green patch can do wonders for productivity and our health. Green Air is just another example of how we can pep up our space.

Designers: Wang Yi Peng, Fan Xu & Zhu RB


  • Grey says:

    Ok, but why?

  • Jimmy C says:

    Nice idea. But what if you spill on your computer while watering?

  • Matthias says:

    having some greenery at your workspace is a good thing, but would I want it merged with my hardware?

    Its a nice concept, but Ill rather stick to the much simpler way: Putting greenery in a good old-fashioned flowerpot on my desk/ behind my screen on the cupboard.

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