The Apple AirPods Max ‘Light’ are an affordable, alternative pair of headphones with a plastic design

These budget-friendly pair of headphones were designed to give the AirPods Max their very own iPhone SE moment.

As the iPhone breached the $1000 price-mark for the first time, Apple parallelly unveiled the SE, an affordable smartphone that provided the Apple experience, but without that hefty price tag. Designer Muhammet Uzuntaş has envisioned something similar for the $550 AirPods Max. Titled the Apple AirPods Max Light (a bit of a word-salad there), these conceptual headphones take Apple’s high-end audio experience and make them more accessible. The headphones come with a plastic body, while constantly maintaining the original silhouette. The headband is retained from the AirPods Max, although the cans themselves are made from plastic as opposed to anodized aluminum… that would help eliminate that condensation problem some of the AirPods Max headphones have been having. The band extends all the way to the sides, intersecting with the individual ear-cups. The right side of the band features a rolling cylinder which lets you control the volume by sliding forwards or backwards (as opposed to the crown in the original design), and the earpieces even slide up and down the cylindrical channel to help you adjust the fitting of the overall product.

The AirPods Max Light bridge a very visible gap in Apple’s product range. A gap left by the visible lack of Beats By Dre products on Apple’s shelves. Although conceptual, the AirPods Max Lite aim to fill that void with their affordable-yet-premium design and performance!

Designer: Muhammet Uzuntaş