This prairie-inspired modular planter puts the charm of the savanna grasslands on your desk!

What is a planter but just a simple container for your plants? Aditi Kedia’s Prairie Planter reinterprets these containers as landscape-elements in their own right. Designed to look almost like an abstraction of a prairie-grassland landscape, the modular planters stack over one another, resembling mounds of red soil. When paired with succulents or cacti, the Prairie Planters come to life, looking a lot like a savannah landscape! “By adjusting each unit in different orientations, one can play with the shape and placement. The design takes inspiration from how things in nature grow on uneven, unexpected surfaces”, says Aditi, who designed the planters as a part of an Instagram-based design challenge.

The Prairie Planters sport a rather fascinating geometric design, almost looking like a Minecraft landscape. The planters can either be used individually, or stacked atop one another. When stacked, they efficiently manage irrigation, as the planters on the top help drip water into the planters below. A water tray sits at the very base of the planter stack, allowing you to pour water into it so the lowest tier of planters can absorb moisture when the soil runs dry!

Designer: Aditi Kedia