These winter-clothes are so advanced, they come with their own temperature-adjusting thermostat

We’ve got advanced heating systems in our homes and cars… now we’ve got them in our clothes. Meet the Quanta Vici, a collection of smart winter-wear that actually heats up to the exact temperature you choose!

Created by designers and engineers who’ve worked across companies like Ralph Lauren, BMW, and Adidas, the Quanta Vici line of gloves and socks presents the most cutting-edge technology in winter clothing. The smart fabric used in the apparel is deceptively thin and breathable too, yet the smart yarn comes with the ability to warm up to a temperature of your choice, helping you stay toasty even when you’re out in the snow.

Designer: Adrien Beyk of Quanta Vici

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With the ability to comfortably warm up to a wonderful 130F, Quanta Vici’s gloves and socks help perfectly cap off any winterwear outfit, ensuring that your extremities don’t end up feeling cold while your body feels warm. The apparel is app-controlled, charges via USB-C, and has a battery life of anywhere between 6 and 50 hours. Additionally, the gloves come with capacitive touch-sensitivity, which allows you to use your phone with the gloves on (you won’t be able to use the fingerprint unlock, obviously), while the socks have compression ribbing, anti-blister cushions, and arch support to make them comfortable over long hours. Both the gloves and socks are designed with a ventilation mesh too, to promote breathability and comfort over prolonged wearing, and are designed to be anti-slip too.

The Smart Heated Gloves/Socks have a max temperature setting of 50C/130F and evenly distribute heating fibers that bring warmth protection to the most sensitive areas.

The Gloves feature smartphone friendly finger tips and touch grip. Made with 75% Recycled Polyester and 25% Spandex.

The Socks features ribbing and arch support compression to promote blood flow and comfort, MeshCompression for breathability, cushioned areas for shock absorption and anti-blister protection.

The Quanta Vici’s magnum opus remains its ability to let you choose your own temperature. Unlike traditional winter clothes, where you have to layer up if you’re feeling cold, or take off layers when you’re feeling warm, Quanta Vici’s confident answer to that problem is, “there’s an app for that”. The apparel’s Smart Heat function is powered by a temperature sensor and regulator embedded within the garment that lets you precisely choose the temperature you want your gloves and socks heated to, with evenly distributed heating. The companion smartphone app even remembers your favorite temperature presets, so you don’t need to set them over and over every time, and if that wasn’t advanced enough, it even lets you control the temperature using voice commands!

Over 6.5 hours of heat keeps you warm for the whole day.

The electronics sit in a small tracker-sized device over your wrist. For inclement weather like blizzards, the electronic module’s rated to be IP67 waterproof, and the fact that it’s tracker-sized isn’t really a coincidence because it comes with tracking abilities too, letting you know if you’ve lost your smart gloves or if they’ve been stolen!

The Quanta Vici demonstrates a rather interesting shift in the world of fashion, and how fashion and tech can collide to solve problems better. Call me old-fashioned, but the words “voice-controlled thermostat gloves with anti-theft” sound sufficiently fancy to me. Aside from that, the Quanta Vici are sleek, breathable, comfortable, non-slip, and tech-friendly too, making them quite an all-round winner in our books. The Quanta Vici are perfect for all sorts of outdoor use, although they absolutely shine in winter sports like skiing. They’re designed to be safe and comfortable for everyone, especially people with health issues affected by cold temperatures, i.e., Raynaud’s Disease and Arthritis. Currently running as much as a 30% discount, the gloves and socks are available as individual pairs or bundled together. They come in a choice between 2 sizes too, and ship with a 1-year guarantee.

Click Here to Buy Now: $174 $269 (extra $15 off with coupon code “YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, sale ends Dec 20th.