This folding carabiner + knife combination is the perfect companion for your everyday adventures!

Mike Bond’s trove of everyday carry designs has once more been opened and this time around, it can clip to your belt loop or pocket knife as the ultimate daily carry. Celebrated for his Techliners and Para-biners at Ti2 Design, Mike Bond knows pocket essentials. After all, our pockets are prime real estate for everyday carry items and there’s only so much they can fit. It’s a good thing Compano, an everyday carry keychain carabiner folding knife, designed by Mike Bond for CRKT comes with a belt-loop clip so your pockets can stay open for business.

When it comes to pocket knives, size matters – we are talking blades after all. Coming just under 1.5 inches in length, the blade is reinforced with an added layer of carbon for a stronger and more durable edge compared to stainless steel. Stainless steel knives dull blades with added chromium, while high-carbon stainless steel delivers a sharper edge and firmness to the blade, but also falls vulnerable to easy rusting when exposed to moisture. The Compano folding knife leans on a swing mechanism to unfurl the high carbon stainless steel blade, which can regularly be sharpened for everyday maintenance. Bond also integrated a spring-loaded gate from which Compano’s carabiner rebounds to easily hinge up and down. With this added carabiner feature, Bond managed to take the best features from other essential daily-carry products and merge them into a keychain-sized folding knife that readily attaches to your body as you leave your front door.

Compano also features a classic locking mechanism with a slip joint feature that secures the knife in place when either opened or closed. When using the blade, Compano reaches a full length of 4.59 inches and only weighs around 2.20 ounces so whether the knife is used for carving or slicing, the job will always feel manageable. Since this is an everyday carry product, it’s important that it embodies a look and feel that has us instinctually reach for it before leaving the house. With a black stonewash handle and bronze accents around the circular opening and carabiner, Compano has a classic look that will only improve over time with consistent use for a more crafted and sculpted looking pocket knife.

Designer: CRKT x Mike Bond

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