These veggie-shaped sand toys help kids cultivate a love for nature… and vegetables!

Turn anything into a game and kids are sure to be more receptive to it! I mean, it’s easier to feed a child using the ‘Here comes the choo choo train’ trick instead of directly feeding them food, right?!

Tati Ferrucio’s Veggies Sand Toys take a similar route by turning vegetables into sand-toys. The toys are hollow so they can be filled with sand, and come with uniquely shaped leaves that act as handles for the child to hold. Paired with a neat digging tool, the Veggies Sand Toys enhance children’s curiosity for exploring nature and their ability to socialize with other kids and adults.

“The idea of this project came from observing the natural landscape in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and how families occupy and make use of the outdoor environment. I realize that Rio has many beautiful natural parks and beaches, but none of them were well equipped to promote outdoor play for children”, said Tati Ferrucio, the designer of the toy-set. The standard set has four toy vegetables (carrot, beet, onion, and potato) and two shovels (one kids-size, one adult-size) with three interchangeable heads and interchangeable foliage too. What’s even more clever is the fact that you can bury the toys into the sand, perfectly mimicking how carrots, beets, potatoes, and onions are grown under the ground too! The Veggies Sand Toys are designed to both entertain and educate at the same time… and if somehow kids can cultivate an appreciation for vegetables in the process, that’s just another massive win!

The Veggies Sand Toys are a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Tati Ferrucio