This aerospace aluminum single-edge razor’s sleek design draws inspiration from Ferrari’s racecars

Taking inspirational cues from Enzo Ferrari’s vision to revolutionize the world of transportation back in 1940, the HypeBody is a razor that looks less like a men’s grooming tool and more like the chassis of a sportscar. Drawing on two of the most quintessentially masculine areas of interest (racecars and shaving gear), the HypeBody wants to turn shaving gear into something as luxuriously sexy as driving a Ferrari. With their CNC-machined aluminum frame, minimal monocoque design, and clean, user-friendly experience… it’s fair to say that HypeBody’s razors have nailed that brief.

Designers: Paolo Pardini & Vivek Thakkar

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The HypeBody razors combine the best bits of cartridge razors (their sheer convenience) and safety razors (their immaculate clean shave) into one slick-looking package. The razor weighs a mere 67 grams, putting it squarely in the cartridge razor category, but comes with the single-blade shaving experience of a safety razor. The form, angles, choice of material, and weight were directly informed to appeal to cartridge razor users, say designers Paolo Pardini & Vivek Thakkar.

The unique silhouette and incredibly lightweight design flatten the learning curve for cartridge razor users, allowing them to easily make the switch. The single-blade design offers its own set of merits too. Unlike your conventional multi-blade razor (Gillette and the like) that ends up taking off a layer of skin along with the hair too, causing skin rashes, razor burn, and ingrown hairs, the single-blade design gives you a close, clean shave without irritating your skin or causing painful ingrown hairs (there’s an entire ‘The Office’ episode dedicated to this).

The HypeBody is a confluence of good design and engineering packaged in a razor that looks and feels deceptively simple. Available in two variants, the ME1 (a blend of premium and affordable) and the X1 (a premium razor for refined tastes), the HypeBody comes with a simple design that lets you choose whether you want to use the company’s cartridge razors (that load and unload easily) or any independent blade magazines like Schick or Personna (helping you effectively save money in the long run).

Each razor comes with a swappable series of pop-on accessories that let you choose the kind of shave-setting you want – a ‘Sensitive’ setting for people with irritable skin or first-time shavers, a ‘Comfort’ setting for your average use, and an ‘Ultra Close’ for people who desire the perfectly clean look. The shave setting attachments snap on either mechanically (in the ME1) or magnetically (in the X1), letting you easily cycle between shave types, while the razor’s ergonomic and lightweight design lets you get that quick clean shave every single time. It’s fair to say that the magnetic snapping feature is immediately reminiscent of Apple’s MagSafe, offering the same premium tactile experience of a satisfying snap to lock the two components together.

The HypeBody’s ease-of-use is only reinforced by how simple its design is. Crafted with an edgy minimalist exterior (You can’t deny the Cybertruck vibe it gives off), the razor comes with a 2-arm design that provides a better grip around the razor (along with the slip-resistant anodized finish), while additionally having a negative space in the middle to drive home the razor’s lightweight design. The negative space in the handle is perfect for HypeBody’s add-on triangle-shaped razor holder, which is made from the same aerospace-grade aluminum as the razor, along with a slick shaving brush to match. The pure metal design immediately propels the HypeBody razor into the ‘premium’ category – fitting for a razor inspired by high-end racecars – while also making it waterproof and mind-bogglingly durable (the razor comes with a 100-year guarantee). The ME1 razor ships with the press-to-fit shave setting attachments and comes in Acid Green, Lamborghini Orange, or Ferrari Red anodized finishes, while the upper-echelon X1 sports a single metallic finish that pairs beautifully with the three magnetic snap-on shave setting attachments.

Shipping for anywhere between $72 to $85 (for just the ME1 and X1 razors), HypeBody’s business model is distinctly different from those of cartridge razor companies like Gillette too. While other brands sell their razors cheap but make money off the blades, the HypeBody aims at being more affordable in the long run. Not only does the razor come with a 100-year guarantee, each HypeBody ships with 20 blades free, giving you an entire year’s worth of shaving just out of the box. The razor’s compatibility with off-the-shelf blade magazines also means you get the freedom to choose your own blade brand instead of being locked into a single brand for the rest of your life. You can grab your own HypeBody razor using the link below and they’ll begin shipping in February 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: Full Set for $140 $200 (31% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!