One Mysterious Smartphone

The latest in Turing Phone’s “LiquidMorphium” line of smartphones, the Appassionato is certainly as the name suggests. The company is promising a stunning (if not ambitious) amount of tech with the upcoming September release. The company states it will have passive voice command search tools, a robust mobile protection platform, amplified intelligence, and, of course, a dedicated enhanced-concierge service called Sir Alan that’s sure to be better than everyone else’s.

Spec-wise, little is known about the RAM, cams, and storage… the one thing we’re sure of, however, is the whole LiquidMorphium material is pretty cool. As the company states, it’s got a “diamond-like” carbon coating on top, “high-tech” ceramic feel and scratch resistant surface, as well as a Sapphire glass screen.

Designers: Radugadesign Studio & Robo Inc