Give your morning coffee an upgrade with these freshly brewed product designs!

I don’t know about you, but my morning cup of coffee is extremely essential for a happy and positive start to my day! Once, I’m done chugging down my morning caffeine, I’m ready to take over the world. I’m sure that’s the case for most of us, although our preferences may differ, some may crave tea, while others may crave coffee. However, brewing coffee or tea is an intimate and intricate process by itself, and a few handy products are always needed to peacefully create and enjoy our beverage of choice. So, we’ve curated a collection of product designs including unique coffee machines, cute tea bag holders, exquisite mugs, and more to make your morning tea/coffee routine just a little bit more enjoyable!

The compact capsule shape of this conceptual coffee maker makes it look like a moon lander for your counter and is obviously powered by caffeine which is only the second most powerful fuel after rocket fuel! The designer’s main focus was to retain some of the rawness and the mechanical steampunk look of the traditional Italian espresso makes while maintaining a clean shape that adds character to the product. There is a tubular water/steam container at the back which I feel can be extended down for added support for the appliance.

Kork Kafeware was designed to encourage people to take a break from the daily struggles and enjoy me-time. Functionally, it gives you the best of both worlds, stainless steel is durable and cork is heat-resistant. The eco-conscious range includes a french press, espresso maker, goose-neck kettle, and coffee grinder which is all you need to enjoy a perfect cup at home. Kork uses the inherent qualities of cork and polished stainless steel to create a natural, functional product designed to last a lifetime. Cork is a sustainable alternative to plastic and offers unique insulative, elastic and lightweight properties to the design.

This tea set will appeal to any minimalist looking to add zen to their kitchen and their life. Designed for a luxury hotel brand located in southern China’s natural treasure—Jintan District, it is a nod to the scenery and bamboo fields. The minimal bamboo-shaped tea set showcases the elegant contour of the product and the features of the tea set as well,” explains the team. It includes a teacup, a teapot, and a teaspoon that can all be stacked on top of each other to create your own bamboo. The little leaf/green shot is a thoughtful detail turned into a spoon that highlights the elegance of bamboo.

The Cupio as an idea isn’t brand new… but it’s the first to be publicly available. It comes with a two-part design featuring a heat-insulated du-ceramic mug and a bamboo-wood handle that’s great to hold and resists any heat. Between the cup and the handle lies the Cupio’s most defining feature… a special design detail that allows you to pull a tea bag into it, effectively squeezing the tea out, while also giving you a place to store the bag as you sip your tea.

The IVY Pour-Over was designed to brew a top-notch cup of coffee. The metal cone helps distribute heat evenly, which ensures that each brew is consistently high-quality. The grooves inside allow for optimal airflow between the paper filter and the cone’s walls, allowing the coffee to bloom and release more flavor. There’s even a small lip on the funnel that helps create the perfect stream of coffee, avoiding any rough splashes or drips.

MyCuppa makes the question “How do you like your coffee?” a little easier to answer! The cup, which comes with its own color-matching guide along the rim, helps you make consistent coffee every time by allowing you to visually judge the coffee’s strength. The color guide ranges from milky beige (which incidentally is how I like my coffee) to a strong, dark black. Just pour your coffee in and keep adding milk or creamer till you get the color your heart and taste-buds desire. There’s even a color-guide version for tea-drinkers, so you can calibrate your beverage’s intensi-tea!

At first glance, the Osma looks like a thermos. In actuality, the metal shell holds the Osma’s coffee-brewing machinery, and the clear transparent top is the drink container. So, how does it work? The best way to describe the Osma’s brewing mechanism would be to contrast it against a commonly-used method: pour-over. This method, true to its name, involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds. Basically, gravity does the mixing/flavoring for you. The Osma, on the other hand, does not let the water seep down; it pumps air up into the container to mix the hot water and coffee grounds.

Scanomat TopBrewer features a sleek swan-neck tap that can be fitted onto a countertop. You can brew a variety of drinks using the TopBrewer app, and your preferred type of coffee will pour out of the faucet. You simply have to refill the TopBrewer with fresh milk and coffee beans every day, and it’s ready to go within forty-five seconds. This is a must-have for the homes of die-hard coffee lovers!

Nesting Cafe’s design reinterprets the iconic Matryoshka doll by attaching a capsule coffee maker to the inside of its steel tumbler and removable wooden cup. The bottom of the wooden cup utilizes a magnet in order to securely attach to the coffee maker so that you can bring it everywhere you go. Once the coffee is finished brewing, then the user can decide whether they’d like to sip it straight from the tumbler, where the coffee from the capsule is poured into, or drink some out of the accompanying wooden mug. The product is comprised of three main parts: its carrying case, which includes a leather strap for easy transportation and the compartment for pods to brew your coffee, a tumbler, which fills up with coffee once brewed, and lastly, the removable wooden mug which provides an additional option from which to drink.

The Kintsugi mug is a result of the Japanese practice of using gold, liquid silver, or lacquer with gold powder to repair broken or damaged ceramic objects. The metals are used to weld and bring together the broken fragments together. This beautiful and elegant mug is perfect to relax and drink your morning tea or coffee from.



The Hourglass Teacup merges a teacup and hourglass, Yeonsoo’s contraption lets you time your brew. The tea rests in the container at the top while the hourglass at the base of the cup lets you keep time rather accurately. Once the last grain of sand travels from the upper chamber to the lower chamber, take your teabag out, knowing that your brew is just perfect!

The Phantom Espresso was born out of a need to make the experience a consumer has with the barista better. You tend to love what you eat or drink more if you have an appreciation for the person making it. The traditionally large espresso machines are obtrusive to the craft and become a barrier between the craftsmen of the beverage and the curious coffee drinkers. By moving the espresso engine below the counter and incorporating bottom fill espresso glasses it enabled the bar to become more open up the bar and let the customers enjoy the brewing process, especially for the seasonal and limited-edition drinks!