This portable coffee maker pumps air upwards to cold brew your coffee in just 60 seconds!

For those of us who currently work from home, our kitchen counter has become our favorite coffee shop. However, in a post-quarantine world (hopefully coming soon), there will be a need for a product that allows coffee-drinkers to take their beverages on the go. That need-fulling product is the Osma portable coffee maker.

At first glance, the Osma looks like a thermos. In actuality, the metal shell holds the Osma’s coffee-brewing machinery, and the clear transparent top is the drink container. So, how does it work? The best way to describe the Osma’s brewing mechanism would be to contrast it against a commonly-used method: pour-over. This method, true to its name, involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds. Basically, gravity does the mixing/flavoring for you. The Osma, on the other hand, does not let the water seep down; it pumps air up into the container to mix the hot water and coffee grounds. This process creates a unique flavor profile, one that coffee connoisseurs say can’t even be achieved through pour-over brewing. It’s faster too – especially when it comes to making cold brew, cutting down a 12+ hour seeping process into 60 seconds. Also, the Osma features two small bonuses: biodegradable pods and a companion app that allows users to discover new flavored pods and share brewing tips/recipes.

The Osma has a unique selling point that can appeal to multiple types of coffee drinkers. The enthusiasts will love the unique coffee brewing process – and the new flavors it unlocks in each brew. Casual drinkers will love the grab-and-go convenience. And environmentally conscious consumers will love the biodegradable pods that are available for purchase. My one minor gripe with the product? The container might be a little too small for my coffee-addicted tastes … but I suppose this means I’ll be carrying extra coffee pods on my commute to work.

Designer: Osma

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