Uncle Iroh approves of this bamboo-inspired tea set!

You already know Uncle Iroh would 100% approve of this simple bamboo tea set, he would probably give you a wise lesson on being like bamboo as he brews his tea! I can already hear his voice saying “Zuko be like bamboo, resilient, flexible, and versatile.”

This tea set will appeal to any minimalist looking to add zen to their kitchen and their life. Designed for a luxury hotel brand located in southern China’s natural treasure—Jintan District, it is a nod to the scenery and bamboo fields. Jintan is known to have some of the best bamboos and high-grade green tea, both these natural gems are blended into this one tea set. “We perfectly interpreted and integrated the bamboo shape with the tea set for tea ceremony. The minimal bamboo-shaped tea set showcases the elegant contour of the product and the features of the tea set as well,” explains the team. It includes a teacup, a teapot, and a tea spoon that can all be stacked on top of each other to create your own bamboo. The little leaf/green shot is a thoughtful detail turned into a spoon that highlights the elegance of bamboo.

The stacking is symbolic of the layers of different steps of a traditional tea brewing process. It gives you a chance to enjoy the gradual progress and appreciate it – as Uncle Iroh would say, the tea is the reward.

Designer: RONG Design