This portable Coffee Maker’s nesting design is the ultimate travel companion!

As I prepared for my first camping trip, coffee was the only thing on my mind. I thought my worries were solved once I packed my stovetop coffeemaker and portable propane stove, but then the propane ran out, so my first cup of coffee had to wait. Situations like these are exactly why the Nesting Cafe, designed by Songhwa Park, was created. Whether you’re at a sporting event or on a camping trip, the Nesting Cafe will make sure you stay caffeinated no matter what.

Nesting Cafe’s design reinterprets the iconic Matryoshka doll by attaching a capsule coffee maker to the inside of its steel tumbler and removable wooden cup. The bottom of the wooden cup utilizes a magnet in order to securely attach to the coffee maker so that you can bring it everywhere you go. Once the coffee is finished brewing, then the user can decide whether they’d like to sip it straight from the tumbler, where the coffee from the capsule is poured into, or drink some out of the accompanying wooden mug. The product is comprised of three main parts: its carrying case, which includes a leather strap for easy transportation and the compartment for pods to brew your coffee, a tumbler, which fills up with coffee once brewed, and lastly, the removable wooden mug which provides an additional option from which to drink. Nesting Cafe was also designed in an assortment of different tones and shades so that no matter where you might find yourself, coffee will always follow.

Upon first glance, Nesting Cafe might look like a really slick, modern take on the Russian doll we’ve come to cherish. While that would be an accurate assumption, it’s also so much more. Opening the product’s front door, the user sees all that comprises the portable coffee maker. Just like the beloved Russian doll, Nesting Cafe brings new life to an otherwise timeless appliance.

Designer: Songhwa Park