Remember Aerogel? This insulated outdoor jacket has an aerogel layer, giving you -40°F protection

Anyone who even vaguely remembers the late 2000s remembers Aerogel, the ‘wonder material’ that was 99% air, and had the incredible ability to insulate against high heat or cold because of its thermal absorption properties. Aerogel got all the press back in the day, but didn’t really see much consumer application because of how difficult it was to produce. Cut to the year 2024 and a Tokyo-based company has managed to find a fitting application for Aerogel. Meet SpacePeak, an outdoor jacket that sits on the bleeding edge of technology with its own aerogel insulation layer that can protect you in temperatures as extreme as -40°C (-40°F). What’s more, it has a 3-in-1 design with removable inner layers, allowing you to wear it in regular weather too, and it has over 20 pockets for all your EDC and essentials.

Designer: Tatsuya Dobashi

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SpacePeak has perfected aerogel technology to retain the most heat from your body. From there, heat circulates throughout your whole jacket keeping you warm and dry even in the harshest conditions.

The SpacePeak comes with a two-part design that gives you 3 jackets in one. On the inside, it features a functional puffer jacket, insulated with Aerogel and a thermal layer that helps keep you warm and snug in pretty much any weather. The outer jacket is a waterproof wind-breaker with a hood that helps ensure you stay dry in the rain or during a blizzard. Wear them individually based on what the weather is, or combine them together to give you a jacket powerful enough to brave all the elements. The outer layer is rated 20,000mm waterproof and keeps you from succumbing to rain, storm, sleet, and snow, while the inner aerogel jacket helps build an impermeable barrier between your body temperature and outer temperature.

You can finally ditch your puffy jacket and start wearing something that keeps you warmer with less weight and fluff.

The jacket is rated to protect you in temperatures as low as -40°C (also -40°F), although lab tests show the SpacePeak can easily endure temperatures as low as -196°C (-320°F). While there’s really no place on Earth where humans would endure those temperatures, it’s good knowing that the jacket can handle pretty much the coldest weather possible without giving up. That being said, it’s worth noting that the aerogel doesn’t physically warm you – it creates a thermal barrier between the cold environment and your warm body, so you don’t lose any body heat to the cold outdoors.

Store your laptop or tablet in the back pocket to carry your valuables safely and efficiently.

Chances are that places that hit -40°C aren’t the kinds of places you want to be carrying massive backpacks to either, which is why the SpacePeak packs more than 20 pockets for pretty much all your gear. Strategically placed all across the jacket’s inner and outer surfaces, the SpacePeak has every slot imaginable, with large pockets big enough for iPads, protected pockets for gadgets like cameras and phones, waterproof pockets for bottles and food, and quick-access pockets for keys and money. The 20+ tactical pockets turn your jacket into a backpack of sorts, without all the bulkiness associated with backpacks. Your belongings are strategically placed across the jacket, making them A. accessible, but more importantly B. less likely to weigh your shoulders down because of the distributed weight. Besides, who wants to rummage through a backpack in sub-zero temperatures, right?!

The enhanced 20,000 mm waterproofing doesn’t just stop the rain from getting to you, Its waterproofing makes it wind resistant, and it easier to brush dirt, snow, mud and other muck off your jacket.

That being said, you’d expect a jacket with this laundry-list of features to be extremely bulky, but the implementation of aerogel allows the SpacePeak to be thinner and lighter than your average down jacket. Down (or feathers) works exactly like aerogel, using trapped air to create a thermal barrier – however, what down does with an inch of thickness, the Aerogel does with 1/10th the amount, giving you an extreme-weather jacket that doesn’t turn you into the Michelin man or a human marshmallow because of all that padding.

The aerogel used within the SpacePeak was developed by S. Kistler, a company founded after the American scientist and chemical engineer credited with inventing the material in the first place. The aerogel, despite being highly insulating, is breathable, durable, and will retain its thermal properties even after a 100 washes (even with regular use the jacket can probably use a wash once a year). The SpacePeak comes in 4 sizes, ranging from M to 4XL, with a starting price of $299 and global shipping – just in case you want your jacket dispatched to the Arctic Circle!

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $479 ($180 off). Hurry, only 8/170 left! Raised over $115,000.