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So you’re driving along in your electric car, right? And you’re thinking gosh, now that I have this Hybrid or whatever I am driving today, I feel like I should go another step. How can I generate more power? How? I need to not only generate enough energy for me to drive, I need to generate power for the buildings I’m driving past. “Carbon Zero” road block system has the answer for you!

So what have we got here? Positive and negative. Energy, not consequences. It’s all good, it’s all green.

This system is composed of several elements. The only one you’re going to see is the blocks on the road. As you drive over these blocks, the pressure from your vehicle pushes the blocks down, creating kinetic energy. N-type silicon and P-type silicone work together like a battery, creating a DC-direct current. This energy is then turned into AC-alternating current, which can be used for powering electric devices in the homes and businesses near the road.

Makes sense? Yes. Let’s see it work now.

Designer: Jaeyong Park

Carbon Zero Road Block System by Park, Jaeyong



  • b0g3l says:

    looks like its going to be a bumpy ride XD

  • divisleep says:

    exactly. for this to function there has to be displacement of the pavement, so its pretty useless since you’ll be paying more for tires and shocks than for electricity.

    wrong technology in the wrong place. piezo transducers could have a better chance at trying to accomplish this.

    But if you want sustainable energy, solar, wind, geothermal and oceanic are the way to go.

  • Mike says:

    Makes sense? No!

    If the honorable designer has a way of producing electric current without using any energy, let him come forth and stride humanity into a utopean future right now!

    Until then, we’re bound by the laws of hermodynamics; and these tiles will use more energy than they’ll produce. Energy “stolen” from your car, that is, which will make the gasoline engine work harder to compensate.

    This is like sticking a wind turbine on your car: more waste than gain.

    • Josh says:

      Could you be any more right?

      There is no such thing as free energy. If you’re getting it from cars, you’re causing their gasoline engines (one of the LEAST efficient commercially popular generating systems) to do more of their inefficient work.

      If this was inside something that the car needed to drive over and slow down in the process – speed humps, perhaps – it would make sense. As is? Idiocy.

  • Rob says:

    Unfortunately a fundamental lack of knowledge of basic physics, especially relating to energy.

  • b0g3l says:

    hmm speed bump is indeed a good implementation

  • Nivekian says:

    It’s about damn time somebody else had this idea.

  • yosef shuman says:

    again, i’m relieved that while the blog and their horrific designers are having a good time ignoring physical laws, the comment section seems to have their heads screwed on correctly.

    simply based on the conservation of energy, this road creates an in-efficiency in the vehicle, while leeching a fraction of the loss into surrounding areas…. this designer should be hired by Steorn and their goons.

  • B. Search says:

    That’s a really neat idea.

    What if the electricity generated was used to power the street lights ahead of a few meters ahead of the car?

    That way, the lights could be off or dim, and only light up if a car is approaching, reducing energy consumption AND light pollution.

    Sounds good? I think so

  • Billy koopa says:

    that would be good.

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