This Foldable trailer for your e-bike instantly converts into a one-person overnight camping adventure!

2020 has in all aspects been different from any other year in recent memory; bringing many leisure and entertainment activities to a halt. But e-biking and solo, regional camping has seen a surprising rise this year. This made CreaCon begin to think about combining the two interests for a better tomorrow. Case in point the Scout camper trailer which tags to the back of your bike and can be an instant shelter at the beach, a personal nook for reading or working in the park, or even a temporary overnight shelter in the outdoors.

The idea of a bike camper is not overly new, there have been some we have come by, but they have either failed to impress with the edgy assembly or their dimensions. The Scout camper presents a very sizable alternative that transforms into a shelter with comfortable sleeping space for a rider. The camper trailer comes in varying sizes, you can pick according to your requirement – but it does require a Tough Trailer, also made by CreaCon, to carry this actual living module around to the campsite. The camper trailer design opens up various possibilities of use. The start being carried behind the bicycle for camping, the trailer can be used for transporting groceries, tools, or whatever else given the user’s needs. The trailer clips to the bike using lockable Weber coupling; it can carry 85 kg of payload standalone, and features hydraulic overrun brakes to negate the weight and thrust added by the load.

The Scout camper features lightweight composite sandwich-panel construction and starts with the Compact model, which is the smallest livable module measuring 65cm wide and 1.44m long when folded. The Scout Compact unfolds to 60x190cm giving a rider just enough space to lie down. The Scout Center is slightly larger with a sleeping space of 90x190cm, other dimensions are nearly similar with a width measuring 95cm when folded. The Comfort is the most spacious variant but is planned for launch in the future. The trailer will measure 95cm wide and 1.64m long and should be able to transform into a two-man shelter with a 120x200cm playing field. Interestingly, the campers also offer a small covered tent with standing height. Attached to the main Scout body with a canvas supported by telescoping poles. This area either serves as an entryway awning or transforms into a tent with optional waterproof canvas draped around the sides.

The production-ready Scout Center comes with ample storage space for food, cooking gear under the bed. There is also space between the bed and the closed top for folding furniture, camping mattress, and sleeping bag, along with small storage that is accessible from the outside, useful for water, rain gear, and snacks. Accessories including solar panel kits and storage crates for Scout and Tough are sold separately by CreaCon. So, if you want a low trailer behind your e-bike that can be unfolded in just a few simple steps to become a full-fledged camp, Scout is cut out for you.

Designer: CreaCon

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