Range slide-in truck campers for all year round off-grid camping are built spaciously with every amenity onboard

I don’t really have a thing for hard-top campers, they look overly bulky and have a more rigid approach to the idea of accessible camping. Wilderness Vans Range slide-in campers (R1 and R2) have a little bias going their way, chiefly because these are designed for all-year-round off-grid camping, and are built spaciously with all the amenities onboard. In fact, windows and skylights allow a constant flow of natural light and fresh air, preventing the occupants inside the Spacekap Diablo from feeling stuffy but have a pleasant interior to themselves.

Diablo only forms the foundation of the slide-in camper designed to snugly fit the bed of any heavy-duty truck. Given its unibody design, the camper can be removed easily when not required or you want to install it on a new ride. The excitement about the Range R1 (three-person model) starts at the exterior which has a UV-resistant SK gelcoat you can have painted in a choice of color you want. The 6-foot camper has a well-thought-out floor plan accommodatinbelg a sliding bed, dinette, galley and storage.

Designer: Wilderness Vans

The Range campers are fully insulated for all weather usage. It comes with natural fiber and wool installation in the walls and ceilings and the cushioned wood flooring is layered with cell foam for thermal performance in winter and to keep the interior cool during the summer months. A diesel air heater is also included as an option. Since ventilation is essential in truck campers for an enjoyable camping experience; the Range campers make provision for it with curved windows, matching the contour of your pick-up body, and skylights adding to light and ventilation.

The pull-out bed at one end of the camper turns the small space into a nice living quarter without hampering the living space. The headroom is limited on the bed because there is no pop-up option (I told you hard shells are not my thing), but the ventilation makes up so you don’t at any time feel cramped in there. Access into the Range campers is through the 40/60 back doors that lead you first up into the galley spruced with storage options everywhere.

In the cooking space itself is a gas stove and sink, a fridge/freezer, and pull-out countertop surfaces. Just across is the dinette for two that converts into a bed for one additional person in the R1. In the 8-foot Range R2, this dinette is bellow the extending bed and is slightly bigger to transform into a double bed when required. The bench here can accommodate a portable toilet underneath it to make the camping experience less stressful. For its outdoor ability, the Range Campers come with a 200-watt solar charging station to take care of the power needs in off-grid locations. According to the information on Wilderness Vans website, the Range R1 with its gorgeous yellow interior is priced at CA$56,200 (approx. $42,000).