This Watch Used to be a Porsche 911

You could own a Porsche 911, or you could own this slick looking wristwatch. It’s kind of the same thing. How, you ask? Well, this wristwatch is forged from the metal of actual Porsche 911’s series cars from the air cooled era!

That’s right. The watch carries 52 years of Porsche’s iconic automotive legacy within its metal construction. Made from salvaged parts of the Porsche 911 series, and featuring many subtle references to the car’s iconic design, the 901 Collection pays a fitting tribute to Porsche’s timeless vehicles by breathing new life into it. Not only does it reduce waste by recycling a material, it also ensures that a legendary classic isn’t put to rest in a junkyard… keeping Porsche’s spirit running for essentially another lifetime.

The design of the watch balances itself between capturing the vintage/undying spirit of the Porsche automobile, but also at the same time being a beautiful state of the art watch. Each watch dial is unique, showcasing the grain pattern of the refurbished metal taken from the car. Each and every detail tips a hat to Porsche’s design language, be it from the dashboard, to the rims, to the seat trim detail, to even the Porsche font that features on the numbers on the dial. Above this grand celebration of design, rests a Sapphire Crystal Glass with three anti-reflective coatings, giving you a clear window into probably the most significant milestone in car design.

The watch comes in three variants, catering to the three spirits of the 911. Patrons get to choose between styles that embody vintage, contemporary, and turbo. All watches come with the Miyota caliber 9100, a high precision, automatic Japanese movement designed to last you your entire life. Each and every watch also features a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) engraved on the side along with a story card describing which 911 your watch was made from. While you’re at it, here’s also a link to a list of more than 150 Hollywood movies that featured the Porsche 911. How cool would it be to own not just a piece of the world’s favorite high-performance car, but also iconic movie memorabilia! Perfect for the automobile enthusiast and movie buff alike!

Designer: Etienne Melaerts

BUY IT HERE: $995 $1790