This Vegetable Ricer lets you switch to a healthier diet after your Thanksgiving binge!

Let’s look past the fact that the Lékué Vegetable Ricer looks like a larger version of, well, a crusher for a certain type of herb, and appreciate what the Vegetable Ricer does in terms of its most obvious function of finely mincing veggies, but also in allowing us to eat healthier.

The Lékué Vegetable Ricer turns florets of cauliflower or broccoli into tiny grains that can either be used as garnish, substituted for rice, or mixed with other ingredients to form healthy, low-carb, plant-based dishes. Yes, it surely is a niche product, as much as an avocado peeler is, or a soup spoon, or a honey stick, but it does what it intends to exceptionally well, with ease, and without electricity. Just chuck chunks of cauliflower or broccoli into the ricer, close it shut, and twist the lid a couple of times, and spokes within the inner container help break the chunks down into smaller grain-like particles, which you can then steam to use as a rice substitute, or turn into a wonderful gluten-free pizza crust!

Designer: Rodd for Lékué