The Power Of Budsband

Like most people do it, I too pack my earbuds neatly with my laptop in its bag, but whenever I pull them out, they are a tangled mess. For some odd reason they become unruly and unmanageable. Imagine a client’s Skype call coming in and I pull out the earbuds but the wires are messed up! I’m sore and disturbed, I need this Budsband NOW! I’m sure you resonate with my story too!

What makes them stand apart from the rest of the brigade is their innovative design. Budsband is a simple, silicone band organizer that stores your earbuds in a tangle-free fashion. It attaches to the cord and can easily shorten or tether it, if needed.

If you have seen other cord organizers, you will understand why this widget is the best. Let me explain:

  • Budsband is small enough to stay unobtrusively attached on the cord so it’s always available and you can’t misplace.
  • The simple minimal design comes with no fasteners, like Velcro or magnets, which might fasten to stuff in your pocket. Available in six vibrant colors.
  • The fast, quick release of your stored earbuds ensures no missed calls due to time consuming unwinding.

Two words LOVE IT, two more: GET IT!

Designer: Good Widget Company [ Buy it Here ]