This off-grid trailer expands to include an outdoor shower and a MasterChef worthy kitchen

Living on the road comes with its own set of challenges and everyday experiences which can be better dealt with a mindfully designed camper trailer. Queensland-based OFFTRAX has come up with its latest iteration of an off-road camping trailer which is crafted to look simple, bearing a compact form-factor – yet giving the occupants more than enough room to stay cozy for long unplanned adventures. Named the OFFTRAX Camper, it is perfect for two people with its base camp like aesthetics which can be tweaked to the specific needs, thereby, proving a living space reminiscent of the comforts of home.

The base camp setup has an outdoor wet bathroom, an elaborate kitchen setup that boasts dual grills, and a hard-shelled pop-up topper tent. Since the camper is made in Australia, it brings top-notch off-road freedom for people who seek a new adventure every morning they embrace the sunrise. It has a low center of gravity courtesy of the sunken battery and water pans. Also, for longer durability, the center beam of the chassis reinforces structural strength. The fact that the trailer comes with a 5005 aluminum trailer body having independent sections that pop, drop and slide out from all sides – the optimum use of available space is worth appreciating. For example, the kitchen has a split pantry setup that allows for plenty of working area – after all, it has a dedicated solar-powered dual-burner stove, a sink, and a fridge for preparing mouth-watering delicacies, anytime anywhere. The grill compartment under the stove burners has the option to drop the Weber Baby Q onto the front worktop in any direction – now you are ready to prepare MasterChef worthy meals in the outdoors!

So, one person could be cooking stew on the stove while the other grills steaks at the same time. Taking the multi-utility further – the off-grid camper has a 130-L water supply connected to the gas water heater for the outdoor shower which is concealed by a drop-down tent which acts as a portable toilet. For sleeping OFFTRAX has a Camp King two-sleeper roof-top tent having space for a secondary tent or swag as space is not needed for a custom awning. OFFTRAX camper trailer is available in Australia for a starting price tag of $40,425 and is soon expected to make it to the US marketplace.

Designer: OFFTRAX