The Google Nest Clock puts a sleek, informative smart-display on your wall

If you’ve got Google‘s slew of products around your home, there’s a lot of information you can access right at your fingertips, from the time of the day to the weather, weekly forecast, indoor temperature, your appointments, new email notification, to mention a few. The Google Nest Clock concept gives you a display to view that information on the wall of your house, offering a better alternative to browsing through your phone, or asking your Google Nest Home smart-speaker and having it narrate things in audio back to you.

The Google Nest Clock concept builds on the design format of the Nest thermostat, but strips away the thermostat functions and just makes it a sleek, elegant-looking clock. With a variety of clock-faces, and the ability to lay out crucial information for you, from the weather to what the traffic looks like on the way to work, the Nest Clock provides the experience of having a smart-display you can speak commands to.

Think of the Google Nest Clock as a smartwatch, but bigger. It plugs into an outlet using a USB-C connection and hangs on the wall, with a perpetually on display giving you the time, date, weather, and a lot of other information. Just like a smart-speaker, you can talk to your clock too, telling it to change its face-style, asking it to display family photos, having it notify you if you get a new email, or of your daily appointments, or just display motivational quotes. The fact that it has a dynamic display means the Nest Clock works anywhere in any sort of home. You can choose between informative, minimalist, or decorative clock-faces, just like you can with a smart-watch, and at the same time, you can even tell your Nest Clock to control various aspects of your smart home for you, from setting the thermostat to switching on/off the lights, to potentially even asking it to display who’s at the front door!

Designer: Abdelrahman Shaapan