This minimal wooden stubby chair brings the original park bench home!

Do you remember when park benches were actually just stubs of chopped trees or creatively placed wooden logs? I remember my mom could tell I had been to the park because my clothes smelled like wood and grass, and that is exactly what this beautiful stubby chair reminds me of! This chair is an amazing display of nostalgia and minimalism through furniture design.

The designer wanted to incorporate our inherent ways of interacting with nature into a chair. Stubby chair was inspired by these environmental settings that combined the love for interiors with an element from the exterior world. Nature is the best designer (for the most part!) so observing nature gives the designer a lot of clues and points of directions where they should pay attention so it fits seamlessly into our lives. “Over time, you settle down with some household items, borrowed from nature. At the same time, you understand that the world is changing and you are changing with it,” she says describing the simplistic design which can age with time.

It is about looking at a familiar object through a different lens. Stubby chair brings back that attention to the details and functions of a sturdy chair. What would be a wooden chair would now be considered outdated so the incorporation of the metal pipes shows the same wooden chair in a modern light. “Do not be attached to the place and time. Do not endow the item with any particular style because of its deposit and burden it with the historical era in which the item was created,” says the designer on the product’s evergreen design along with the philosophy behind it.

Designer: Nissa Kinzhalina