Furniture designed with hidden details that put your IKEA furniture to shame: Part 6

Moving apartments can be a pain, but I’ve found a way that makes it seem less painful – it’s a way to stock up on new furniture! My love for detailed furniture designs has been a long-lasting affair – there is something eloquent yet beautiful in the intricate woodworking details, a satisfaction that a trip to your nearest can’t IKEA can never fulfill (maybe Phoebe had it right when she wants to stay away from Pottery Barn!). Furniture designs that are beautiful to look at and soothe your soul are how I will describe this collection of furniture to you and I hope it will inspire you to take a second look at the woodworking artist displaying his designs the next time you are out looking for any furniture!

The 2 basic building materials – steel and wood come together in this table designed by Slick+DesignUSA. You know you can expect great things from the team that has been providing award-winning architecture designs for over 25 years! For this design, the team collaborated with their friends at Demeter Millwork for a classic design with sturdy construction that is sure to stand the test of time!

Made in Melbourne, the Grace Entrance Table by Arquette Furniture boasts of hand dovetailed drawers that come with Blum push to open, soft close mechanisms, seamlessly merging traditional joinery with modern-day designs. The table here is made of solid American Whitewood and the simplicity of the entire design makes it seem effortlessly elegant!

A sofa deconstructed is what Pedro Franco Design brings to the table with their Underconstruction Sofa. Available in different material options, the sofa features thick individual strips of padded material woven around the sofa frame to form the sitting space of this design. While the obvious designs would match those of a woolen/knit surface, the designer has gone ahead and created leather and metallic fabric options for those with a more adventurous taste in furniture!

2020 has been such an iconic year, we are surely going to have more than one furniture dedicated to it. I can’t speak for the designs that are yet to arrive, but the 2020 stool by Ville Aakula holds a special place with its intricate weaving and the block-fitting of this design makes it a visual masterpiece. A well-designed, detailed reminder of the year that is surely going to leave an impact on our minds!

Töjbox is an oak wardrobe, but here’s the beauty – it uses no screws, nails, or glue. The purity of their design makes it the perfect fit for bachelors or families that change apartments often, just disassemble and set it up when you’re in your new place. made by the Danish studio ‘Made by Michael’ for Would Studio, this wardrobe is Scandinavian simplicity brought to life!

What happens when 2 designers match their love for unique, custom-created designs? The tempo bookshelf happens. Crafted with care, the tempo bookshelf features concrete bows by Mark George Studios in the assembly by Origins Work.

Boasting of vegetable-dyes hemp cords, the Che Stools come with multiple seating combinations. The top of the stool easily latches onto the frame of the stool and the more designs you have, the more stools you can play with! Latina Form’s design brings sustainable designs right to the comfort of your home.

The Plymå bench by Studio Mattias Stenberg began designing this bench with a question – how do we make a seat look soft without actually being seated on it? This intriguing question led to an even more intriguing design! Every form of this bench features soft/rounded edges that invite the users to come, have a seat on this bench even though it is made of wood. This bench is comfort personified!

Meet Title Bed-04, the minimally beautiful yet luxurious hero of Mast Furniture’s range of beds. Made of solid timber and with an inlaid slat system, this bed will automatically imbibe your bedroom with a sense of quiet bespoke luxury that will help you relax the moment you step into that space.

The cross lap joint detail of this dining table design (which is still WIP) has us completely wow-ed! The first idea might be that this is a steam-bent design. But designer Hugh McCarthy reveals that the curved joint is actually a piece cut from a solid piece of oak. I don’t know what the tabletop design will be like, but the base has us excited enough to want more!

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