Moment’s beautifully versatile bags let you carry your workplace anywhere you go

The CEO of AirBnb, Brian Chesky, made a pretty interesting point when he talked about the future of WFH in a post-pandemic world. You see, work from home isn’t a sacrosanct statement… it means work from wherever you are, a hotel, a lobby, a friend’s place, a garage, or even a getaway cottage. Your entire office sits inside your laptop, and the guys at Moment felt this was a chance to redesign the vessel for your laptop… the laptop-bag.

Moment’s Travelwear comes in the form of the classic laptop bag as well as an over-the-shoulder tote bag. Designed to comfortably carry all your stuff around with you (the emphasis being on comfort – with spacious designs and sizes for everyone), the MTW bags are a combination of minimal and sensible, with pockets for all your belongings, water + weather-proof nylon exterior, and accessories for specific carry-ons like camera accessories and battery-packs (which shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Moment’s rich history with smartphones, cameras, and their catalog of incredibly professional lenses).

Both the MTW Backpack and MTW Tote boast of a design that’s non-specific, which means it can be used to carry your tech with you or even your regular items like clothes, tiffin-boxes, diaper-bags, etc. It’s a bag designed for a life that may be at home or anywhere else, so the bag’s spacious design and multiple pockets account for that. The Backpack comes with sleeves for laptops and tablets, pouches for your phone, notebooks, and stationery, and a hang-tag for your keys… apart from that, there’s 17 liters (small size) and 21 liters (large size) of extra space for the rest of your belongings. The backpacks are soft on the skin and comfortable to wear over hours, with foam padding in the straps, and a breathable pack-panel. A sternum strap lets you easily secure the bag around your torso (pretty handy when you’re hiking/trekking) and if you’re a bit of a jet-setter, built-in luggage-passthrough straps let you secure your bag to a travel-case.

The MTW Tote is just as functional as the backpack, although with an over-your-shoulder design and 19 liters of storage. Pockets on the inside keep all your belongings organized, and dedicated slots for your laptop and tablet allow you to carry your ‘workplace’ around with you. There’s even space for carrying up to 2 water bottles, complete with waterproof pouches to keep your belongings safe. The exterior is waterproof too, and comes with secret outer-pockets for storing things like wallets, ID cards, or precious documents like tickets or passports. The tote’s straps are made to be broad, so they don’t ever cut into your skin… and when you feel the fatigue of carrying your laptop with you for too long, a flat base allows your tote bag to rest vertically without tipping over. I call that an eye for detail.

The abilities of both the backpack and the tote are enhanced by MTW’s organizers, designed to carry a variety of specific items to turn the classic bags into profession-specific ones. The Camera Organizer is ideal for storing cameras and lenses, while a battery pouch allows you to easily carry extra batteries, SD cards, and cables. The Tech Organizer and Mini Organizer offer storage for stuff like charging cables, power-banks, headphones/earphones, so you can easily pop them out of your bag and carry them to your makeshift workspace, having all your work paraphernalia right on your desk instead of embedded inside your backpack.

MTW’s bags, like most products, were born to fulfill needs that other bags couldn’t. The backpack, tote, and organizers are all built to provide reliable, robust, and organized storage while being comfortable to wear and carry, and classic to look at. Moment’s bags were designed to carry your work-life with you, but they aren’t limited to just that. Spacious interiors and a multitude of storage pockets let you carry more than just your work with you, and the backpack and tote have a little something for everyone, no matter what the lifestyle, what the profession, or what the need. Let’s just say that life can sometimes throw curveballs at you (as this year has so effectively demonstrated)… and the MTW bags were designed to help you overcome them by being able to carry your life around with you.

Designer: Moment

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $179 ($30 off). Raised over $290,000.

Moment Travelwear: Bags To Work Anywhere, Travel Everywhere.

Everyday backpacks, totes, and organizers for the new work – at home, on the road, from the car, or even the park.

This is Moment’s 6th campaign and the Moment Travelwear is their first line of bags. It’s designed to be comfortable, sustainably built, and made for working on the road. It looks good enough to go to a meeting, but functional enough to use on a shoot. It’s tough enough to carry all your tech, but simple enough that you blend in. It’s light enough to be used every day, but expandable when you need it.

MTW Backpack

Made from recycled material, this bag is rainstorm proof on the outside and well organized on the inside. With room for a 16” laptop, dedicated pockets for tech, and accessible from the top or side… it’s easy to access your gear. Sized for men and women, the padded breathable shoulder straps make this bag comfortable all day long.

Creatives come in all heights, so they wanted to make sure our bags worked for everyone. By studying the frames of various size people, we designed the bags to sit comfortably in the center of your back whether you are tall or small.

Built-in luggage passthrough.

Hyper-adjustable sternum strap adds extra support.

Elevated mesh with airflow channels to reduce sweat.

Removable Camera Insert

Quick side-zipper access to your camera gear for shooting on the go.

Camara insert leaves plenty of space for whatever else you want to carry.

MTW Tote

Its durable and water-resistant shell fabric keeps your gear protected and tote looking good. Dedicated pockets on the inside keep your small items organized, your laptop protected, and your water bottle in place. The ultra-soft straps are tough while being comfortable in hand or on your shoulder, even when wearing a tank top.

The low profile padded base helps the bag stand upright while still maintaining a natural feel – unlike other padded tech totes that are overly bulky.

No dig straps. Super soft, super strong webbing for ultimate comfort, even with a tank top.

Full zip top. Quickly zip it shut when you need that extra security.

600D Recycled Nylon CPH keeps all your gear protected and dry.

Their camera insert fits perfectly into the base of the tote giving you quick acces to your daily photo/video gear.

MTW Organizers

A versatile system that helps you pack your bag for working from anywhere… The Tech Organizer, Battery Organizer and Camera Insert.

Tech Organizer – The first organizer with a removable mini pouch, designed by creatives for creatives to help you take control of your tech essentials. The main pouch has space for everything you need.

Designed to sit open on the table.

Mini Tech Organizer – The removable mini organizer gives you the option to pack light when you want, or carry extra. Its simple zip closure and versatile internal layout allow you to pack it however you like.

Battery Organizer – With dedicated, color coded pockets for fresh batteries, spent batteries, and a charger, this pouch helps you keep your power in check. Best of all, the pocket is designed to shift volume so as you use batteries, it makes more space for the used ones. Built with rugged materials and YKK zippers… it’s ready for long travel days and hectic shoots. Highly requested by our filmmaker friends, this is the battery pouch we’ve always wanted.

Camera Insert – Designed to fit perfectly inside their MTW Backpack and Tote, the Camera Insert is a perfect way to carry your essential camera kit. It also works inside most other non-camera daypacks. With a large side access zip and interchangeable dividers, you can set it up however you like. Carry up to a Canon 5D (no battery grip) sized camera with a 70-200mm lens and room for extras. Unlike other large, bulky camera cubes, this one is just big enough to carry your essential kit and leave room for other gear in your bag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $179 ($30 off). Raised over $290,000.