This hoodie with a built-in inflatable neck pillow may just be the greatest idea of the decade

As iconic a pairing as peanut butter and jelly, this hoodie + neck pillow is comfort-apparel at its very best!

Aptly named the Pillowdy, the apparel comes in two types – a cotton hooded-jacket made for indoor and outdoor wear, and a nylon-spandex windbreaker, designed specifically to bring comfort to your outdoor adventures. Both garments boast of the unique integrated neck-pillow, which inflates using a valve hidden away in the breast-pocket. The hidden neck pillow takes mere seconds to inflate, and offers neck support no matter whether you’re in your WFH chair, on an airplane, or on a fold-out chair in the wilderness. Built right into the hood, the pillow stays in place, and conforms to the shape of your neck. You can choose how much you want to inflate it, and unlocking the valve helps deflate it in no time when you’re done relaxing.

The two variants of the Pillowdy were built specifically for two scenarios. The ultra-comfy hoodie comes made from a dual-layer of cotton fabric, designed to be both soft and flexible. Made for lounging in, the hoodie works well both indoors as well as outdoors, and is the perfect travel-wear while you’re on a flight or bus. A large hood accommodates for the pillow’s inflation – so there’s always enough room for your head, and the hoodie’s wrinkle-free fabric means you could wear it for days while looking your best. The windbreaker Pillowdy comes made from a waterproof nylon spandex fabric that allows you to easily bare the elements. A PU-coating on the outside repels water and dirt, while elastic sleeve-cuffs help keep the wind out. The windbreaker’s fabric is light and stretchy, giving you the perfect blend between comfort and protection outdoors, and when the weather’s a little more bearable, the entire jacket folds right into a pouch you can carry with you.

Both variants of the Pillowdy come in a variety of colors and sizes, along with their standout detail – that delightful, integrated neck-pillow. The pillow conveniently hides from sight when not in use and easily inflates when you’re looking to kick back and take a break, whether it’s for minutes or for hours… and with how comfortable the Pillowdy promises to be, you probably won’t even be able to keep track of those naptimes!

Designer: Jaeho Lee of Pillowdy

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Pillowdy – A Hoodie & Windbreaker with a Built-in Inflatable Pillow

Designed specifically to bring comfort to your outdoor adventures the Pillowdy has a unique integrated neck-pillow, which inflates using a valve hidden away in the breast-pocket.

The air valves were designed so that anyone could open and close them with just one hand. Its structure allows the air to pass through easily and lets the user inflate and deflate the neck pillow within seconds.

Traditional neck pillows slide away from your neck and provide little to no neck support, causing strain and leaving your neck vulnerable to injuries. However, stably secured with zippers, the Pillowdy’s neck pillow provides proper neck and head support, reducing the stress on the cervical spine.

Pillowdy Windbreaker

The nylon fabric consists of three individual layers and the outer layers are PU coated. The PU coating provides a water-resistant barrier and prevents the air from getting out.

The jacket can pack down into a pouch. Simply stuff it into its lightweight pouch and bring it anywhere.

Pillowdy Hoodie

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.