Alexa, meet Jim, the Whiskey Dispenser

With the world going Amazon Alexa crazy, Jim Beam is bringing out their own smart device – JIM, the smart decanter. That’s right, a smart whiskey decanter. It is to be believed the decanter has built-in voice control system which allows the user to command the device to pour a shot of whiskey from across the room. The recordings aren’t a generic voice; they are of Fred Noe, a master distiller at Jim Beam. It may appear as though JIM is somewhat of a gag against the recent worldwide infatuation with smart home products, but that isn’t to say that JIM won’t be as big of a hit. With Christmas just around the corner, I can’t help but think this would be the perfect gift to get that one friend who ‘thinks’ they’re a whiskey guru.

Designer: Jim Beam