This minimal concrete light will never have two of the same designs!

Remember setting up your first home – you’re loading up at Ikea and one of your staple purchases with your couch and bed is a floor lamp. The lamp, which is more aesthetic than functional is actually a nod to the comfort of your home. The trouble is with the standardness of that design – yes we get different lampshades but how can a common design deviate from the tradition it is derived from?

Award-winning industrial designer Andrew Ferrier answers this question with his Foundation Light, a unique lighting solution created by breaking and shattering a scored rectangular concrete block. An uncommon material to start with, Andrew’s design stands out because no two of these lamps can be the same, with the breaking of the concrete creating a new shape every time. The two parts of the block are then separated with minimal black bars. An exercise in restraint and beauty, this design upholds Andrew’s principle of using human-centered design with thoughtful use of materials. Andrew aims for simplicity and clarity in his solutions – and this lamp is a testament to it!

Looking at the sharp lines of the design, this design belongs to a modern home or a bachelor pad, with its raw aesthetic and a compelling story, making this a must-have collectible. What I would love to see is a series of these lights lined up, so we can see the changes the act of shattering that block creates within a family of the same lamps. It will be artistic storytelling at its finest.

Designer: Andrew Ferrier