For The Love of Boarding

The MOXTER kitelandboard features latest technical developments of all board sports combined. The deck is crafted out of a cnc-milled ash-core coated with glass- and carbon fabric. Chis explains, ‘This build-up strategy reduces 20% of the weight while giving the potential to design a 3D shaped board that combines two technically disparate requirements of kitelandboarding: flex and stiffness.’ The hole in the middle of the board looks good but is there for a reason, it increases the flex of the board to absorb the energy after a big jump.


  • The side rails give stiffness to have a direct steer feeling.
  • All components are connected to the board by steel inserts.
  • The Constitutive criteria (or design feature) of “peaked rails” can be found on any part of the system and brings this new sport to the level of professional board sports in look and performance.

Designer: Christoph Kuppert