YouTuber built a Bluetooth Speaker small enough to fit inside a Walnut

I don’t know what it must have cost, but I’m assuming peanuts.

Reporting to you today from the weird part of the internet, we’ve got crazy YouTuber Penguin DIY who decided to take a walnut shell and cram an entire Bluetooth speaker inside it… USB-C port and status LEDs included. The speaker’s audio quality isn’t anything to write home about, but the video above that shows the entire construction process will not (I mean walnut) disappoint.

Designer: Penguin DIY

The speaker itself a miniature little device the size of a… well, walnut. Made from the walnut’s shell, it packs all the necessary components inside, including a mini battery, amp, driver, Bluetooth module, USB-C port, and even buttons and LEDs to control playback or increase/decrease the volume.

The process involved emptying out the contents of the walnut before taking a Dremel to the inside of the walnut shell to make as much space as possible for the components. The components include a 5V power bank module that was stripped for parts because it was too big to fit into the shell. The module (or whatever was left of it) was then connected to the rest of the speaker’s parts, including a 300mAh battery pack and a USB-C port for charging the speaker.

Other components included the actual ‘meat’ of the speaker, including a 2W audio driver, a mini-amp, and a Bluetooth module to allow for wireless connectivity. All the components were rather intricately pieced together and soldered with what I can only describe as incredible dexterity for something that small, and then glued to the shell with silicon glue. This flexible glue would allow the driver’s vibrations to occur without any danger of dislodging parts inside the walnut shell.

Finally, holes were drilled into the top of the walnut to make way for the speaker grill, control buttons, status LEDs, and even a nifty on-off switch. In the interest of repairability, Penguin DIY assembled the two halves of the shell together with screws instead of glues, enabling him to open up and repair or upgrade the speaker whenever he wanted. Let’s face it, if a YouTuber can turn a walnut into a Bluetooth speaker and still make it repairable, Apple can make the AirPods repairable too.

The results are impressive but not for the reasons you’d think. The speaker works flawlessly, with it being detected on a smartphone, getting connected, and even letting you play/pause music just like any regular wireless speaker. Understandably, the sound isn’t particularly great because of driver, amp, and size limitations… but if I had to rate the speaker on a scale of 1-to-10 for sheer ingenuity and for its proof-of-concept, it gets full marks. In fact, forget pumpkin carving skills, Penguin DIY’s walnut carving skills are absolutely on point!