The ZERO headphone stand has the appeal of a minimalist desk-sculpture

Looking almost like a trophy or a minimalist sculpture of the Dyson Bladeless Fan, the ZERO is a better, more aesthetic, minimalism-embracing alternative to those banana-hook headphone stands that people keep on their desks. Designed by the same blokes that brought us the PILLR, a robust and minimalist laptop stand, the ZERO echoes a similar sculptural quality by being a stand that does a good job of holding your headphones, but also looks classy while doing it. In fact, without your headphones, the ZERO still manages to look like a pretty neat looking desk-sculpture!

Built from machine-grade aluminum, coupled with an anodized, matte black finish (just like the PILLR), the ZERO’s patented design is easy on your eyes as well as your headphones. Its circular hoop mimics the shape of the head, allowing you to place the headphones on the Zero without damaging its padding, while silicone-pads on the ZERO’s base ensures an accidental nudge doesn’t knock your expensive audio equipment over. Plus, its flat base is a great place to rest your phone or AirPods while you work!

Designer: UPPERCASE Designs

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ZERO Aluminum Headphone Stand by UPPERCASE

ZERO’s unique ring shape design helps elevate and organizes your headphones without denting its padding.

ZERo was born out of frustration from a market saturated with banana hooks for headphone stands, the team set out to create a stand that would naturally set itself apart. ZERO had to be functional yet decorative, with or without a headphone. All of this had to be matched with the laptop stand’s (PILLR) aesthetic and build quality.

PILLR laptop stand

Details & Features

Machined aerospace-grade aluminum with an anodized, matte black finish.

Ring shape design prevents dents from forming on your headphones padding.

Silicone grips beneath the base and above the ring secures your headphones in place without scratches.

Design patent pending.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35.99 $39.99 (10% off with Coupon Code: YANKO10). Hurry, for a limited only.