Hip, Fast and Foldable

The VELLO series ushers in a new era of urban mobility in the form of high-performance folding bikes. In 3 distinct versions (Rocky, Speedster, and Urbano), they include some of the best features of a city, racing and folding bike while introducing new functions like integrated lights, folding fenders, and magnet release/suspension to cope with the demand of the urban lifestyle. With one easy kick (no hands needed), it folds in one second to swiftly transition between riding and carrying. See it in action –>

Designer: VELLO Bike


  • Lawrence says:

    ??? All this work to shorten the bike by 20 inches ???

  • Valentin says:

    Dear Lawrence, the total length of the bike is 59 inches (~150cm), when you half fold it you safe 24 inches (~61cm) and the total length of the bike is 35 (~89cm) Inches so the total size of the bike is reduced by 41%. I hope this satisfied your expectations…

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