The PILLR Elevated Laptop Stand is a pragmatic+minimal way to reduce fatigue

Like most laptop stands, PILLR elevates your work machine to a higher level, allowing you to view your laptop screen at a much higher, more natural angle, preventing neck-fatigue. Unlike most laptop stands PILLR, however, doesn’t look like a badly designed accessory that hides behind your expensive laptop. With a minimal, sculpture-esque design, PILLR looks pretty darn good even without the laptop on it. Its strong presence gives it the appeal of a desk-sculpture, and once you place a laptop on it, the PILLR enters a functional mode, elevating your laptop to reduce neck pain and boost productivity.

PILLR’s 3-part design comes together to create its minimal, simple form factor. Made from three individual anodized aluminum pieces, PILLR is light and minimal, with clean lines and basic shapes, giving it an appeal that matches the expensive laptop that rests on it. Designed to support (both physically and visually) any laptop you put on it, PILLR was designed keeping the MacBook in mind… which makes sense considering it’s the world’s most popular portable computing device.

Designed in LA, PILLR is well suited for most laptops between the 13″, 15″ and 17″, elevating them to a height of just over 6 inches. Weighing 4.2 lbs, the PILLR is robust and boasts of a visually dominating presence, making sure it isn’t disregarded as a mere afterthought-accessory, like most laptop stands, but is rather looked at as a powerful product that hoists your laptop and helps you get work done.

Designer: UPPERCASE Designs

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The ergonomic PILLR laptop stand helps to kickstart all your creative endeavors. Reach the height of your creativity with a sleek laptop stand that lets you ideate for hours on end.

What’s Different

PILLR acts as the focal point to your minimalist desk and as an expression of your modern sensibility. It’s the object that expertly cradles your entire digital life — and does so thoughtfully with a refreshing design that departs from what’s tried and true.

Luxe Feel

What’s different is its elegant look and luxurious feel. Instead of a traditional continuous frame, a sturdy pole connects two industrial plates for a superior hold. That’s why with PILLR, bumps or jostles leave your laptop undisturbed — rather than slightly springy.

Luxe Materials

To create an uninterrupted tactile experience, the PILLR is crafted from a matte anodized aluminum — the same premium material as your MacBook.

Minimalist Design

Clean, sculptural lines and modern industrial elements intersect.

Ergonomic Design

A neck-friendly design lets you type comfortably — undisturbed by tired shoulders or poor posture.

Complimenting Design

Complements your iMac, keyboard and mouse to get you in a productive state of mind.

One Size Fits All

Designed in LA, the stand is well-suited for most standard laptops with 13-15″ screen sizes. Dimensions: 10.8×9.8×6.4 in. Weight: 4.2lbs. Elevating Height: 6.4 in

Click Here to Buy Now: $62.99 $69.99 (10% off). Hurry, Use Discount Code: YANKO10