This smart humidifier merges ultrasonic and evaporative technology to keep you safe at home

Evapolar is known for making the award-winning product evaCHILL, a portable planet-friendly air conditioner that was a prelude to their next potentially award-winning design – the evaWAVE! We get excited when we see Vitaliy Tarasov collaborate with Evapolar because it results in innovative product designs that elevate the breathing experience and do not harm our environment as opposed to traditional air conditioners, purifiers, or coolers.

The evaWAVE is the world’s most advanced evaporative humidifier and aroma diffuser. Why? Because it combines the powerful functionality of ultrasonic humidifiers with the health benefits of evaporative humidifiers into one smart appliance that also serves as an aroma diffuser. Ultrasonic humidifiers are high-performing but tend to leave pools and white dust around. Evaporative humidifiers on the other hand provide natural humidification but their organic evaporative pads allow bacteria to flourish which becomes super unhealthy for the air you breathe. The aim was to create an appliance that perfectly combines the efficiency and technology of the two types of humidifiers into one product which is safer, cleaner, healthier, and visually appealing. It not only manages your home’s humidity to keep it at a healthy level but also doubles up as an aroma diffuser so the air smells as good as it is for your health. The form is compact, unobtrusive, and has smooth curves. The user interface is minimal and clean which can also be controlled using their integrated Evapolar mobile app for all smart home platforms. A subtle yet thoughtful detail is the LED light-up base that lets the user switch colors and function as a night lamp. It also includes features like aroma control, wake up mode, a built-in speaker, and an ionic silver + UV lamp.

The evaWAVE comes with Evapolar’s trademark breeze technology (EvaBreeze) which has proven to be a success in their other products. “Its effect is achieved due to a nanostructure that enables outstanding absorbing capacity, combining both hydrophilic and hydrophobic effects. This allows the material to efficiently absorb water and easily take it into the air. There is great evaporation from a small surface. EvaBreeze is totally safe and is approved by international certificates,” says the design and development team about what makes evaWAVE a safer choice for your environment.

Designer: Vitaliy Tarasov for Evapolar