This fermentation station is the easiest way to make pickles, sauerkraut, sriracha, and kimchi

Did you know that if it hadn’t been for pickles, Columbus wouldn’t have discovered America?? As ridiculous as it sounds, the discovery of the country owes itself to the humble pickle, which Columbus rationed heavily on his ship to give to his sailors to prevent them from getting scurvy. I imagine pickling items may have been a bit of a task back in the day, what with all those barrels and the carbon dioxide buildup. The Kefirko makes pickling easy, with a glass bottle that holds your veggies and brine, a weight to keep the veggies completely submerged, and an auto-burping mechanism that allows carbon dioxide to pass through a one-way-valve to release pressure. What’s more, the pickling jar even comes with a daytimer on the top that counts down the number of days you’ve kept your veggies to pickle. The one-of-a-kind fermentation station makes it ridiculously easy to pickle practically anything, from veggies to kimchi, or even some sauerkraut!

The Kefirko fermentation station (which helped build the foundation of the American nation) comes in two sizes, and with an easy-to-use setup that allows even the most amateur pickers to master the art of fermentation. The glass jar acts as an inert container, allowing the brine and veggies to ferment without reacting with the walls of the jar. To make sure the veggies are completely submerged in the brine (any air contact can ruin the pickling process), a spring-loaded glass weight helps press them down, creating a volume of air on the top that can easily be pumped out by pushing a button on the top of the lid. As CO2 builds up into the jar (a natural by-product of the fermentation process), one-way air-valves help ‘burp’ the jar too, by letting any extra air out to prevent too much pressure from building up inside. Together these features make pickling veggies as easy as chucking them in a jar, setting a day-timer on the top, and forgetting about it! The overall setup even comes with an extra lid fitted with an activated carbon filter to help absorb any funky odors released during the pickling process. (Try smelling a pickled onion and I guarantee you, your nose-hairs will evaporate)

Apart from preventing scurvy, pickles are pretty good for you. The bacteria that help ferment the veggies actually help maintain good gut flora, aiding digestion and keeping your body healthy. The pickle-juice/vinegar created in the process even helps curb spikes in blood sugar, and replenishes the body with necessary electrolytes. Cleopatra even swore that eating pickles made her beautiful… I can’t imagine what her breath smelled like though.

The Kefirko jar comes in two sizes, can be used multiple times, and is dishwasher friendly. Each pickling jar even comes with its own handbook with over 25 recipes, to help you ferment practically any fruit or veggie… not just because pickles are tasty or healthy, but also because it’s practically a patriotic duty, given its history!

Designers: Marko Borko & Andrej Glažar

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Kefirko Veggie Fermenter

The Kefirko combined tradition with new technology and created a simple tool to prepare nourishing fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchi, or any other vegetable in your kitchen!

This innovative fermenter is set out to provide you with the tools for traditional fermentation that you can easily master.

Almost any vegetable can be fermented, and fermenting farm-fresh produce is a great way to provide good nutrition year-round. Ferment one vegetable alone or create mix of many different kinds, along with herbs and spices, for a great variety of cultured foods.

What is Fermentation?

Fermentation is a process where the sugars and complex carbohydrates in the food are converted into lactic acid which prolongs the shelf life of food. Good bacteria can be found on the surfaces of vegetables and fruits along with many other bacteria species with positive effects on our well-being health.

Fermentation gives us highly nutritious food that is fantastic for our digestion and immunity. It is tasty and aromatic as it often develops that special umami taste.

How to Use Kefirko Veggie Fermenter

Glass weight with a pressing spring holds down the veggies to make sure all the air bubbles caught in the jar can flow up.

You can pump out the excess air in the jar. Oxygen-free environment helps the good bacteria to thrive.

Mark the date of starting fermentation with built-in fermentation clock and let live organisms do their magic.

Veggie Fermenter keeps your ferment safe with the one way valve technology. This enables air to come out but not into your ferment.

It forces the gas out once the pressure builds up. No risk of bottle explosion, no burping the jars needed!

It catches bad smells that form during the fermentation and efficiently neutralizes them with active carbon felt filter positioned on the top lid.

With stackable top lids you can save space in your pantry by stacking the jars one on top of the other.

Sustainable Solution

With fermentation you can store them in the fridge for months. Making small batches of ferment is convenient because you can actually put vegetables and fruits directly from the garden to the fermenting jar. This is an important step to self-sufficiency. You can actually make sure you are never without important nutrients, even when food is not in season or you don’t have access to the stores, etc.

Click Here to Buy Now: $22 $32 (31% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $165,000.