This handheld hydraulic stabilizer works without a battery to give you shake-free camera videos

Who knew the same tech you’d find in your car’s glove-box could also help make your video content better?! The GravGrip’s inspiration comes from an unlikely place… the hydraulics found in the door of a car glove-box. Hydraulic springs have the ability to dampen or smoothen out sudden movements (which is why your glove box opens so smoothly), and if appropriated well, could also potentially be used to make your smartphone or GoPro videos incredibly shake-free… without any batteries or 3-axis motors.

The GravGrip is a brilliantly cost-effective professional stabilizer that works without batteries or motors, and is completely waterproof. My first thought was that the GravGrip used some sort of newfangled gyroscope, but running a gyroscope without energy (batteries) would be near impossible. Instead, the GravGrip makes innovative use of a hydraulic axis that helps cancel out your hand’s movements to give you perfectly stabilized videos. The portable, handheld device comes compatible with phones as well as action cameras, and uses a set of weights to help provide counter-balance while capturing. The mechanical stabilizer allows you to even control the speed of stabilization, giving you control over whether the camera stays exactly in place, or gently pans and rotates to compensate for your movement, creating smooth videos with an almost gliding movement.

The absence of batteries and motors is more of an advantage for the GravGrip than it is a con. Here’s why… Batteries and motors make products more expensive, empirically (a motorbike costs more than a bicycle). They also make products bigger, heavier, and more prone to water-damage. The GravGrip’s use of hydraulic dampening arguably offers the same stabilization quality as an expensive gimbal, at a markedly lower price, with a design that’s much more portable, doesn’t require periodic charging or battery-swaps, and is entirely waterproof. The GravGrip comes with a standard tripod mount that’s perfect for any sort of smartphone or action camera, allowing you to use it with a host of compatible devices, in landscape or portrait. Adjustable weights on the end of the stabilizer help you balance out your device at any angle, and the GravGrip’s 360° rotation gives you absolute freedom of movement, enabling you to take selfies at home, on the beach, while skateboarding, or even while engaging in action sports. At just $35, it’s also significantly (up to 4 times) cheaper than the motorized gimbals available on the market… Did I mention it’s waterproof and battery-free too?

Designer: Kevin Thomas

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $50 (30% off). Raised over $900,000.

GravGrip – Battery Free Camera Stabilization

The GravGrip™ is a pocket sized, battery free and waterproof hydraulic camera stabilizer for your smartphone and action camera. GravGrip™ is a great tool for videographers to not only increased stabilization in their videos, but to capture those hard to reach angles that would otherwise be impossible.

Game Changer

GravGrip Features

Ditch the annoying chargers and spare batteries, you don’t need them. GravGrip’s mechanical design is ready whenever, wherever.

Setting Up the GravGrip

Mount your Cell Phone or Action Camera to GravGrip™ with the included adapters. Lock your camera into position by rotating the blue knob.

2 POSITIONS: Mount your camera in the “ROLL” position to keep a stable horizon or in the “TILT” position to easily capture those epic ultra low and high angle shots. Lock into position by rotating the blue knob.

Rotate weight set upwards to decrease gimbal speed or downwards to increase gimbal speed. Fine tune GravGrip to your liking. Twist the weights together to lock into position!

GravGrip’s balance correction system is adjusted using hand force. Some camera’s have an offset center of Gravity (hint hint: GoPro), easily level the horizon with a quick change in position. This system will NOT budge while in use!

How It Works

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $50 (30% off). Raised over $900,000.